The Las Cruces High School Referee Association (LCHSRA) supplies soccer referees during the fall in the Las Cruces School District (4 high schools), Gadsden School District (3 high schools), Hatch Valley High School, Deming High School, and Silver City High School. In the past we also covered Alamogordo. Additionally, the LCHSRA supplies referees for middle school matches in the Gadsden School District during the spring. Referees cannot be assigned until they have registered with NMAA and deemed eligible/approved. When referees are considered eligible/approved , NMAA enters them into the Arbiter system as active referees. All assignments will be through the Arbiter system and referees cannot be assigned until they appear as an active referee in Arbiter. Referees are responsible for supplying availability and conflict information to Arbiter so they can be properly assigned. Below is some useful information.

Group Leader: Tim Pitts 575-571-4252

Referee Assigner: Bill Lindemann 575-525-2097 575-639-1145

NMAA: Dana Pappas 505-923-3277 505-977-5388

LCPS: -Bobby Campos


2018 matches as of September 7, 2018

2018 NMAA Active Referees as of Aug 28, 2018 that Arbiter says can be assigned

2018 Referee Meetings

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