NMSU Women's Soccer

First Game, August 15, 2009

Here are photos of the referees who attended the first NMSU Women's Soccer game in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Pat Switzer took these shots during the match on August 15, 2009.  Anyone who wishes to add to the historical record of NMSU games or any other event can contact Andrew Bristol at abristol47@q.com and he will try to create a web page of significant events.  You will need to send photos by email with appropriate captions that you would like to add.  Click on the links below to see who attended the first game.

Milligan and Munson-Magee families

Dominic Diosdado doing an AR

The Referee Team, all from Albuquerque, except Dominic
Center-Doug Cotter, ARs-Dominic Diosdado and Kris Grano, Fourth-Bill Nordin

Joe Fleming

Jose Diosdado and Robert Gage

Dominic checking the net

Dominic watching offside position

Dominic still watching offside position

Start of the second quarter

Dominic signals a corner kick

First Caution in game

Andrew Bristol running clock and score keeping

Dominic signals a throw-in

Tom Scott

Nigel Holman and Bill and Clara Lindemann
Terry Richards is in the background with the white NMSU hat and the black umbrella

William Wellborn

Khris Grano from Albuquerque

Dominic checking the net again

Monty Wellborn

Setting the wall