General Membership meeting of the Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association

                                    April 10, 2002

 Meeting Called to order by Robert Gage at 1906 hours

Motion to accept the minutes as written on the web page was made and second, minutes of the March meeting was approved.

Jose Diosdado gave treasurers Report in bank account there was $4, 128.00 which was broke down to $2000.00 in CDS, $1,428.00 in checking account which there is an out standing checks of $1,128.00 dollars which left a balance of $300.00 dollars in checking account.  Motion was made to accept the treasurers report, report was approved as read.

Tom Duttle conducted training with the following emphasis:

A.      Anbondment of games with less than 7 players

B.       Shin guard’s proper size of shin guards to fit the size of player.

C.      MEDICAL BRACELETS OR NECK CHAINS, these should not be force off a player and you could be held liable for anything happening to this player medical wise during the game.

D.      Replacing players before the game, this has to deal with players you have sent off before the game.

E.      Examples of back-to-back fouls the first one called should be the one that put the ball in place. Sample is when the Asst. Referee flags an offside and there comes a foul that requires a card.

F.      Faking taking a penalty kick and the apporite action on this

 A subject was brought up by Jose on the players and injures. The younger age group is sample when or not to stop play for the injuries that occurred during the game.


  1. DRA-Gary Manley reported there will State cups games down here in Las Cruces on weekend of April 27 & 28, May 3rd and 4th.  Contact him if you can work one of those weekends at 522-4421.
  2. Judicial committee Joe Flemming no report
  3. MVSL Gina Martinez Adult State cup will be in Albuquerque the weekend of May 3rd and 4th.
  4. Kevin Riedel reported that all games were being covered for the weekend.
  5. Gary Grammer has join the referee association form El Paso and is working games that include the Border Cup games

 Old Business

  1. Reminder on Assessments of new referees and those who want to move up in grade the requirements for up grade is 75 centers and 25 lines for upgrade contact Gary Manley. For the ones who just want assessments contact Kevin Riedel for scheduling of a game.
  2. Robert Gage brought a report form High Noon Soccer League that they requested the association drop the admin. Fee pay by High Noon Soccer League per game motion by Gary Manley and second by P. Smith to leave the $3.50 admin. Fee per game as is.  Motion passed
  3. City Tournament April 20th and 21st contact Kevin if interested in doing the tournaments. Games might be played during the weeknights so let Kevin know if you can work games during the week.
  4. Web page contains all the tournaments coming up this spring.
  5. Ryan Cup this year will be an open state tournament instead of select teams as years before and will be held down here again this year.

New Business

  1. Rich Richins talk about the game reports being done electronic and ask if there were any problems. He all so mention there was a friend back in California that was helping him out with a program for the game reports.  He mention that HNSL had agreed to pay this gentleman $100 for his help. A motion by Tom Duttle second by Gloria Deleon to pay the gentleman $100 for his help and time. Motion passed.
  2. Gary Grammer was the winner of the door prize.
  3. Motion to adjourned and second the meeting adjourned at 2020hours

 Monty Wellborn

Secretary LCSRA