Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association Board Meeting March 12, 2003



Room Las Cruces High School, B Wing, Room 12.

BOD members present were Gina Martinez, Bill Lindemann, Gary Manley, Rick Hendricks, Andy Bristol, Jose Diosdado



President Gina Martinez called the meeting to order at 1835 hours.

There was general discussion of the Border Cup Tournament.




Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting April 9, 2003


Room Las Cruces High School, B Wing, Room 12



President Martinez called the meeting to order at 1910 hours.


A motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting (March 12, 2003) was made by Al Porter and seconded by Trey O’Donnell. The motion passed on a voice vote.


Martin Carrillo stated that the semifinals for the adult tournament are beginning this week. He added that Georgia Lawson had indicated that there would be 5v5 co-ed adult play this summer. Over-forty women will probably play this summer as well.


Lindemann delivered training, covering dress of referees, especially for tournaments. Shoes should be shined (black), black shorts, shirts with patches. If not properly dressed you will be dismissed. If you wear a hat it must be black.


In discussing mass confrontation, that is, near riot situations, he noted that you are to write down names of aggressive participants. ARs can go on the field to help separate combatants. Check USSF cites.


Misconduct involving languages and gestures is to be judged by the following criteria:

1)      The nature of the words or gestures

2)      The volume of what is said

3)      The target to whom the words are directed.


Diosdado delivered the treasurer’s report


Starting income                                     $1490.84


CD                                                                   $3103.00




Income from April games                                  $291.00


Total                                                                   $4884.84


Received from High Noon                                   $5465.00


Payment for referees                                                    $5174.00


Total available in the bank                                    $4884.84





Rich Richins demonstrated impeding the progress of an opponent, which is rarely called by referees. Restart is an indirect free kick.


Manley stated that some game reports were incomplete at the end of the season, and there were several no-shows. Get names of other referees. Grade 11 referees may upgrade at next clinic; they can only work one more season at their current grade, which is being phased out. Next clinic will probably be in August.


Lindemann discussed jumping at, reminding everyone to watch for this seldom-called foul.


Bristol reminded all referees to look at the rules for the Border Cup.


Gloria de Leon won the door prize.


Tom Duttle moved to adjourn, and Allan Jackson seconded. The meeting adjourned at 10:22.


Rick Hendricks, Secretary

May 1, 2003