Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting April 13, 2005


Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Rm. 336

Date: 4/13/2005              

Call to Order at 7:00 PM hours


Approval of “previous month” Minutes:

Motioned (                    ) Second (                     )


Treasure Report Submitted By Lisa Willman:


Income HNSL              $0,000.00

Interest                         $0,000.00

Total Income   $0,000.00



Office Supplies $0,000.00

Referees                       $0,000.00

Scheduling                    $0,000.00

Training                        $0,000.00

Treasurer                      $0,000.00

Total Expanses $0,000.00

Net Income                  $0,000.00


HNSL Report:  Rick Hendricks   There will be a tournament in Las Cruces May14 and 15 “The Governors Cup” is a fund raising event for the Eddie Robinson Foundation.  It will end up in a game between two Mexicans first division teams, UNAM and Atlas.

MVLS Report:  Andy Bristol   Men’s open playoffs start this Sunday.

Assignor Report: Andy Bristol   There will be a 3 v 3 tournament in June.  Sanctioning is fourth coming.

SDR Remarks:  (Gary Manley) There will be an upgrade clinic from 9 to 8 in late August or early September.

Assessors Remarks: Jose Diosdado, absent

High School Report: No report by Tom Duttle


Old Business


            1. The scholarship committee will have a meeting tonight.



New Business


            1. None



Motions:1. None