Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting

Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Rm. 337

Date: April 8, 2009

Call to Order at 7:02 p.m. by President Gina Gomez.

Approval of the Minutes for the General Meeting of February 11, 2009, was motioned by Bill Lindemann and second by Brook Milligan.

Treasure Report: Gary Manley gave an ending balance as of Feb 28, 2009 was $2,963.20 and approximately $4000 in the CD.  Request for reimbursement checks ($30.00) should be made only to Gary.

High Noon Soccer League Report: No report.  Assignor, Gary Manley reminded everyone to be more professional and give conflicts a week in advance.

Mesilla Valley Soccer League Report: No checks because MVSL goofed.  Bill Lindemann will checks to referees the next Sunday and Chris Cooksey will take care of weekday games.  Bill Lindemann reminded referees, that if they are playing and receive a caution for dissent, the information will be sent to the state association (Bob Linebaugh) and they may be suspended from refereeing.  See Referee Administrative Handbook page 13.

State District Referee Administrator Remarks: State clinic will be in Albuquerque, August 7-9.  There will be help with transportation.

Assessor: Nominations for LSCRA youth referee of the year should be given to Robert Gage.  

Youth Referee Information: No remarks.

High School Referee Report: Get dues in by May 1.  There will be no more Gross Receipts tax on refereeing school games.

Old Business: None.

New Business: None.

Training was conducted by Nigel Holman on Fouls and Misconduct (Legal and Illegal contact) and Advantage / Fouls around the Penalty Area. 

Meeting Adjourned: by Gina Gomez, 8:15 PM