Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association Board & General Meeting

April 13, 2011


Board Meeting: Members present; Nigel Holman, Tom Duttle, Jose Briones, Lisa Willman, Kelly Krause, Raymond Burchfield. Discussion on the Kevin Reidel Scholarship. Lisa to meet with the league. Application too long. We want to keep the criteria the same.

 Gary Manley motioned to accept Jose Briones as President. Raymond Burchfield seconded, motion passed. Discussion on new Vice President. Looking for Ideas. Decided to nominate VP candidates during general meeting.

 General Meeting: Jose Briones called the meeting to order at 7:03PM. Raymond Burchfield moved to accept minutes, Tom Duttle 2nd , motion passed.

 Treasury report from Gary Manley; $4,855.33 in CD. 3136.11 in Checking. $7,991.44 total funds. Gina Gomez motioned to accept report. Manny Chavez 2nd, motion passed.

Everyone must confirm their games with game numbers in a timely manner and remember to add your name to message if texting.  Game Reports must be submitted within 48 hours of game completion.

 MVSL report: Dominic reported that games will be at burn and HN 6 and 7. No checks today due to illness.

 Assessor’s report-Tom Duttle: Discussed positioning teams and parents on the various fields. Remarks on observations: Do not stop game to engage parents. Dnot engage parents at all. Be sure to use proper signals. AR’s need to stay with 2nd last defender. Referees must be color coordinated. Referees to not need to place the ball for kicks. At this point there should not be any player pass cards that are not laminated. Thanks was given to Gina Gomez for her work on the Border Cup Tournament.

 No Youth Report.

 High School- $55.00 needed to become HS ref due by May 5th.

State cup games coming in May to Las Cruces.

 Old Business – Jose Briones-Vice President vacancy. Nigel nominated Lisa Willman, Tom Duttle nominated Bill Lindeman. We will vote at the next general meeting in May.

 New Business –

 Training (Nigel Holman) – Discussed discussed throw-ins and discussed our goals, AR mechanics, when to signal, hot to signal properly. Correct procedures can be found in the “Guide to Procedures.”

 47 members signed in. Meeting adjourned at 8:00PM.