Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association
Regular Meeting, April 9, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Raymond Burchfield.

Minutes from previous meeting will be placed online and approved next meeting.

Treasurerís report
No report.

Youth League update
We will have High noon fields next season. League is now unsure whether there will be refs on U8 games.

Mesilla Valley update
Other than first weekend, it has been very quiet this year. If any Grade 8 or above refs want to referee adults, see Bill.

State report
We had a situation of referee abuse; the coach was given a 5 game suspension and a fine. We will be having several State Cup games here in May; if you do well, you might be invited to later rounds in Albuquerque.
If anyone touches you, spits at you, or something similar, make sure to write it up in a Supplemental Report. Do not let this stuff slide. If itís not in the game report, itís as if it never happened. Do your best to defuse the situation; do not throw a punch.
Discussion ensued.

Strikers Cup
A representative from the Strikers thanked the refs for their efforts in the Strikers Cup tournament. She distributed unpaid ref fees from the tournament.

Assessorís report
Dominique has been observing refs. Overall, very good, but some help is needed.
Robert asked for nominations for Youth Referee of the Year. What we look for is: knowledge of the laws, timeliness, dress, demeanor, composure, desire, movement, and attentiveness. Winner will be announced next month.

Bill continued with a training on the problem of referee abuse and assault.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Tim Pitts.