LCSRA General Meeting Minutes April 13, 2016
NMSU Gerald Thomas Hall Rm. 200

1. Meeting called to order @ 7:04 p.m. by President Thad Taylor

2. Approval of March 2016 minutes: No minutes were taken

3. Treasurer Report (Tina Burgland): No Report/Not Present

4. HNSL Report (Thad Taylor): No Report

5. MVSL Report (Bill Lindemann):
- Good report of cards
- Need to get reports within 48 hours or will be charged a late fee
- Reports w/ cards need to be done ASAP as well

6. State District Referee Admin. Remarks (Tom Duttle): No Report

7. Assessors Remarks (Dominique Gbogbo): No Report/Not Present

8. Youth Referee Representative (Zane Chafee): No Report

9. High School (Tim Pitts):
- Middle school is taking place and will be done May 21st
- Open slot in May
- Returning high school referees need to send in their paperwork before May 2, 2016

10. Training (Nigel Holman):
- Looked at local rules regarding substitutions, minimum # of players, slide tacking, heading, and points of emphasis
- Management of checking in players; managing pass cards and late arrivals (proper management of when to check them in)

11. Meeting Adjourned @ 8:09 p.m.

Minutes taken by Secretary: Xavier Chavez