LCSRA Meeting April 12, 2017
Gerald Thomas Hall Rm. 200

Board Meeting
Called to order @ 6:03 PM
Members present: President Dominique GboGbo, VP Xavier Chavez, Dir. of Development Bill Lindemann, Dir. of Assessment Tim Pitts, Treasurer Gina Gomez, and NMSRA Rep. Tom Duttle

A new pay scale was proposed by Tom Duttle, as a replacement for the current pay scale used by the youth league. Amounts reflected age groups and included incentives for higher referee grades (7 and higher). The proposed pay scale is an effort to develop youth referees to achieve higher referee grades. Unanimous vote by BOD of acceptance for proposed pay scale.

Approval of proposed pay scale and allowing President GboGbo and NMSRA Rep. Tom Duttle to present it to the LCYSL Board of Directors.
Motioned by Tim Pitts, 2nd by Bill Lindemann
Motioned passed by LCSRA BOD

Adjourned at 6:50 PM

General Meeting
1. Called to order at 7:00 PM by President GboGbo

2. Tom Duttle briefly described new pay scale. To receive the new pay (if approved by LCYSL BOD) referees will be required to attend monthly meetings for training. In addition, U14 and higher will no longer by self-assignable, instead, they will be assigned by the league assignor.

3. Approval of February and March meeting minutes.
- Motioned by Jose Briones, 2nd by Tim Pitts
- Motioned passed

4. Treasurer Report (Gina Gomez):
- No account activity
- $2,139.88 in checking

5. Vice President Remarks (Xavier Chavez):
- Be ready for changes if pay scale is approved by LCYSL BOD.

6. Director of Assessment (Tim Pitts):
- Would like mentors to be assigned to younger referees w/ appropriate time scheduling

7. LCYSL (Dominique GboGbo):
- Board meeting tomorrow 4/13/2017
- City Cup May 13-14

8. MVSL (Bill Lindemann):
- Will present pay scale to MVSL board if scale is approved
- Late fees will be applied if game reports are submitted late

9. High School (Tim Pitts):
- May 1st is deadline for renewing officials
- Officials interested in refereeing HS are encouraged to register

10. State Rep. (Tom Duttle):
- 2 State Cup games in May

11. Training (Bill Lindemann):
- Make sure to use proper signals w/ proper positioning
- Ask question of your center if something is unclear or you are unsure about
> 4 Ds: Distance to goal, Distance to ball, number of Defenders, and Direction of play

Adjourned @ 8:05

Minutes by VP Xavier Chavez