Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting

Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Rm. 200

Date: August 12, 2009

Call to Order at 7:03 p.m. by President Gina Gomez.

July Minutes were motion for acceptance by Monty Wellborn and second by Jose Briones.

Treasurer Report: Andrew Bristol, reporting for Gary Manley, gave an ending balance in the checking at $3,328.99 and the savings has over $4000. There are about $970.00 in unclaimed checks.

High Noon Soccer League Report: None.

Mesilla Valley Soccer League Report: No checks available tonight.

State District Referee Administrator Remarks: Andrew Bristol, reporting for Gary Manley:
  1. Reporting Assaults - When reporting assaults or abuse, do not quantify what you think it is.  Give the description of the event only and let the Sanctioning body determine if it was an assault or abuse.  If you think you have been assaulted you should contact the police and file a report and they will investigate.
  2. 2010 Recertification - Those who have attended 4 of the 5 scheduled courses throughout the year may test in November during our Wednesday night meeting.
    We are authorized to have 1 recertification clinic, 5 hours training, at no charge to the referee.  (We will schedule this sometime in November).
    Any additional recertification clinics will have a $25.00 Fee attached to attend, this is payable to New Mexico Soccer Referee Association, not the local association.
    The fee to recertify as a grade 9 or 8 Referee is $45.00 - Non LCSRA members will be assessed the fee at the time of recertifying $10.00 for referees under 23 and $20.00 for those 24 and up.
  3. Sometime in November or December there will be an Assignor clinic in Las Cruces.  This training is mandatory for current Assignors, and available for those wishing to become an Assignor.
  4. There will be a grade 9 clinic in Deming on the 29th of August.

Assessor Remarks: Robert Gage introduced himself as the Director of Assessment and made know if anyone wanted to upgrade to let him know.

Youth Referee Information: Selina Salazar handed out a question/suggestion slip to the youth for their comments on what they would like answered or improved.

High School Referee Report: Robert Gage reminded us of the mandatory clinic on August 17th.  He has forms for those wanting to register.

Old Business: None

New Business: Seventeen new referees were introduced.  Jose Diosdado had 3 questions that were addressed.

  1. Why is Gary setting a limit of 30 for the training classes?  Answer: He is not setting a limit, the State Association has mandated a limit of 30.
  2. Who is working on the contract with High Noon?  Answer: There is no longer an Association contract with High Noon, all contracts are individual.
  3. Why are there no checks from the Adult league? Answer: Dominique Gbogbo is the new president of the Messilla Valley League and he is addressing that issue in their first meeting of the new board.

Training was conducted by Tom Duttle, Directive on Free Kicks and Restarts covering quick free kicks and ceremonial free kicks.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:27 PM.