Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting

Board Meeting
6:55 PM August 14, 2013 in attendance, Jose Briones, Andy Bristol, Bill Lindemann, Lisa Willman
Motion made by Lisa seconded by Bill Reimburse Nigel his mileage expense and reimburse Tom Duttle his motel expense incurred to attend the state referee meeting. Passed Unanimously
Meeting Adjured at 7:00 PM

Membership Meeting
7:03PM August 14, 2013
Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200
Meeting called to order at 7:03PM; by Jose Briones filling in for Ray Burchfield 22 members present (101 certified referees)

Motion made by Bill Lindemann seconded by Dominic Diosdado May and June and July meetings to be accepted without revision as posted to website. Motion passed

Treasurer’s Report none.

LCYSL Report. No report, no one attended the board meeting. More referees are needed.

MVSL Report. Bill Lindemann and Lisa Willman reported; trying to organize lightning tournament for Sunday, asked for volunteer referees to serve. League will produce pass cards this year, rosters will be printed by team managers before games.

Youth Fall Season. U8 and above will start August 24 & U6 will begin September 7. We will referee U8 games this season.
State District Report Tom Duttle said turmoil is brewing, fitness level is becoming more stringent.

Referee Clinics. Grade 9 and Grade 8 clinic needed and expect to be scheduled. A Grade 8 clinic ½ of which is online has been developed. Clinic scheduled for August 17, 2013 has been cancelled due to lack of enrollment. Web page has been updated to reflect the cancelled clinic.

Training. Bill discussed offside position, and when the ball is played. Situations were drawn on the board and discussed. Those attending the state training described the value of the presentation by a FIFA assistant referee. Bill emphasized the proper attire and attitude upon entering the field and addressing coaches and players politely. Referees must check players in and also make the game safe, fun and fair. Make sure goals are safe and secure before starting a game. Call fouls at the younger level regardless of advantage to teach the players appropriate behavior. Ask officials if this is their first game in order to encourage and coach (do a more in-depth pregame).

At the next meeting the group will be divided into 2 groups and different lessons will be taught the division will be based on relative experience levels of the officials.

Meeting adjured at 7:42PM

Respectfully, Lisa Willman Secretary