Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting December 8, 2005


 Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Rm. 200 Date 12/8/04

Call To Order at 7:05 pm hours

Approval of previous months minutes Motioned Second


Treasure Report Submitted By Lisa Willman:


Income HNSL $8,080.00

Interest                 $26.11

Total Income   $8,106.11



Office Supplies     $40.00

Referees          $6,864.00

Scheduling          $264.00

Training              $128.00

Treasurer              $92.00

Total Expanse  $7,388.00

Net Income         $718.11


HNSL Report    N/A

MVLS Report    N/A

Assignor Report    N/A

SDR Remarks:     (Gary Manley)  There will be a grade 9 clinic January15, 2005

Assessors Remarks N/A

High school Report N/A


Old Business

Topics:            None


New Business



Elections: Slate of officers


President: Allen Jackson, Monty Wellborn, Stu Munson.

            Allan Jackson won.


Vice President: Andrew Bristol (per the Bylaws)

Treasurer: Lisa Willman by acclamation.

Secretary: Joseph Fleming by acclamation.

Director of Assessment: Jose Diosdado


Director of Instruction: Gary Manley and Bill Lindemann.

            Bill Lindemann won.


Youth Representative: Joey Fleming, Tori Puentes, and Mario Gonzalez.

            Tori Puentes won.


Motion was made and passed to offer up $2000.00 in seed money for the Kevin Riedel Scholarship Fund. Lisa and Nigel will develop plan for fund.