LCSRA Minutes


December 12, 2007



Called to order 7:00 PM by Pat Switzer


Motion made to approve November’s Minutes by Seth Gilpin, seconded by Kathy Short. All in favor.


Treasurer’s Report by Gary Manley. $2,641.94 in checking Account, 4,513.19 in CD. Motion made by Kathy Short to accept report, seconded by Hanna Rheay.


No report from HNSL.


MVSL no checks are currently available, not sure when but refs will be notified when they are.


Assignor Report: Andy Bristol reported that we were still short money to pay the refs for last weekends Striker Cup, Linda Lara would be getting the money from the bank and give it to Andy, as soon as he has it he will let the effected refs know. Additional discussion was had about future tournaments.


SDRA report: This coming weekend is your last chance to recertify for 2008.


Assessor: No report


High School: No report


Old Business: None


New business: Elections of officers for 2008

The following officers where elected.

President – Andy Bristol

Vice President – Jose Diosdado

Director of Development – Nigel Holman

Assessment – Monty Welborn

Treasurer – Gary Manley

Secretary – Gloria Marquez

Youth Rep – Luke Hollomon

DSRA – Gary Manley


Training was given by Nigel Holman.


Drawing was held and Cora Hollomon won.

Meeting  adjourned.