Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting

Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Rm. 200

Date: December 9, 2009

Call to Order at 7:02 p.m. by Vice President Cathey Short

August Minutes were motion for acceptance by Jose Briones and 2nd by Robert Gage.

Treasurer Report: Gary Manley did not have an written report but stated that $4200 is in the CD and $2700 is in the checking account.  Gary asked in general if there would be any interest in giving, from the LCSRA funds, monies for the Kevin Riedel Scholarship fund.  Lisa Willman made a motion that we give $1000.00 to the fund and Patrick Montelongo second the motion.  After some discussion it was moved to table the motion until next month when more data could be presented as to how much extra money was coming in each year from membership fees.  Motion was made by Bill Lindemann and second by Cameron Saffell.  Motion passed.  Lisa's motion will be presented next meeting as old business.

High Noon Soccer League Report: Soccer fields are closed until games start in February.

Mesilla Valley Soccer League Report: Dominique Gbogbo said that the Women D division complained that referees were cutting the length of halves without consulting with the teams.  Dominique also requested help with a "Lightning tournament" this coming Sunday to raise money for Mario Castillo.  You can contact Dominique or Gina Gomez.  Gina's phone number=405-6837.

State District Referee Administrator Remarks: The recertification test will be given tonight for those that have attended at least four of the five recertification classes.  The recertification clinic for all other referees will be this coming Saturday.  This will be the clinic without a fee.  There will be another clinic on January 10, 2010, from 1 to 5 pm.  This will not be a free clinic. It will cost $25.00 for this clinic.  The $45.00 registration fee for 2010 is also due at each clinic.  Membership dues for 2009 are to be paid at the clinic also, if they have not been paid previously.  Membership dues are $10.00 for ages 23 and less and $20.00 for those over the age of 23.

Assessor Remarks: None

Youth Referee Information: No report.

High School Referee Report: None.

Old Business: Joseph Fleming proceeded with the nomination of 2010 new officers.  All, except the Director of Assessment, were elected by acclamation.  Greg Marez and Tom Duttle were presented as candidates for Director of Assessment.  While the ballots were counted, referee pay for High Noon games was distributed.  The newly elected officers for 2010 are President - Bill Lindemann, Vice President - Andrew Bristol, Director of Development -  Nigel Holman, Director of Assessment - Tom Duttle, Treasurer - Gary Manley, Secretary - Robert Gage,  and Youth Representative - Patrick Montelongo.

New Business: None

Training: None

Meeting Adjourned: 8:10 pm.