Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General and Board Meetings
December 11, 2013

Board Meeting

Minutes for Board meeting on 12/11/2013

Called to order at 6:35pm by President Burchfield. Members present are: Jose Briones, Ray B., Jean McKeever and Bill Lindeman. We have a quorum.


We discussed the details of the upcoming recertification clinic.

We asked our Treasurer if the LCYSL has in the last year given any money to the LCSRA and the answer was definitely No.

There was discussion about membership dues. Not many of us are paying. Should we continue the process? No real answers.

Adjourned at 6:57pm.

General Meeting

Minutes for General meeting on 12/11/2013
Called to order at 7:03 by Ray B.


Approved last month’s minutes. 1st Jean, 2nd by Jose B. Motion passed.

Treasurer Report: No new report. No new money has been spent.

State Report: Tom Duttle talked about the recertification clinic the upcoming weekend. He also stated that there will be a Grade 9 or 8 clinic in January.

MVSL Report: Bill L. stated that the playoffs are in process and the final will be on this Sunday. He also stated that the league has improved through the use of appropriate Red Cards.

LCYSL Report: They need a new assignor.

Board of Directors Elections for 2014:

There was only 1 candidate for each position that accepted nominations. Each position was accepted by acclimation vote by the members present at the meeting. The new Board is:

President: Raymond Burchfield
Vice President: Jesus Soto
Secretary: Tim Pitts
Treasurer: Jean McKeever
Director of Assessment: Dominique GboGbo
Director of Development: Nigel Holman
Youth Representative: Paige Ramsey

Submitted by:
Raymond Burchfield
President, LCSRA