Board members Present


Robert Gage, President LCSRA

Kevin Riedel 1st Vice President

Andy Bristol 2nd Vice President

Monty Wellborn Secretary

Jose Disodado Treasurer         

Gary Manley, DRA non-voting member

Nigel Holman, director of Assessment not present

Bill Lindemann, director of development


Meeting called to order by Robert Gage at 18:05 hrs.


1.       Discussion on possible having to do under six and under eight games

in the fall 2002.

2.       Discussion on possible increase of game fee paid to the referees

doing games, motion by Bill Lindemann second by Monty Wellborn the pay scale

increase to the Referees and Assistant Referees by $.50 per game across the

board expect the referees doing under 10 games.  Motion passed with one no

vote. Note; this pay raise will take effect if okay by High Noon Soccer

League in the fall 2002   

3.       Discussion was done on electronic filing of game reports this was

brought up in the general membership meeting that follow the board meeting.

4.       Motion by Bill Lindemann second by Monty Wellborn to reimburse Andy

Bristol and Tom Duttle $50.00 for their expenses to attend the Assesrers

clinic in Alb. Last part of last month motion carried.

5.       Meeting adjourned at 18:53 hours





Monty Wellborn

Secretary LCSRA




General Membership meeting of the Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association

February 13, 2002


Meeting called to order by Robert Gage at 19:05 hours


1.       Motion to accept the minutes of the January 9, 2002 as printer on

the web page of the Las Cruces Soccer Referee association web page, motion

by Bill Lindemann and second by Joe Flemming motion passed to accept the

minutes as published.

2.       Jose Disodado conducted training, he put on the chalkboard

situations that could have happened and the association talk about what the

right call was.  For example what happens when a parent comes out on to the

field and stops the ball forming going into the net for a goal.  Things

being thrown at players on the field form both the playing area of the field

and the specters that are on the sidelines. Think about these situations

that I have brought up.

3.       Youth rep Allison Wilman no report

4.       No other reports were given for other committees

5.       Gary Manley reported on the up coming Amauter soccer tournament that

is to happen this weekend.  He stated that there would be only one division,

which is classified as Men's b division teams.

6.       MVSL report none Gina Martinez

7.       Robert Gage, Jose Diosdado, Dominic Diosdado, Tom Duttle, Bill

Lindemann, Andy Bristol were indefied as new assessors for the association

tonight and will be doing some assessments during the Adult tournament this

coming weekend.

8.       Assigners report Kevin remind everybody to check the web page for

the assignments for that weekend, and to let him know about a conflicts.  He

thanked everybody that is working this weekend on the youth side.  He said

that there were thirty referees that went to do the tournament in


9.       Old Business          


a.       3 on 3 tournaments went all right there were 596 games in two days

and were cover with all referees working.

b.       Mentors are being use with the new referees that are working.

c.       Discussion was made to the effect of youth referees were doing their

own age group or same division as they played in.

d.       Robert reported on the High Noon Soccer League meeting the night

before and he reported that the league ask when you check the teams in to

look at the player pass card to make sure that they are signed by the

players and limatied .  In case they are not signed DO NOT RETURN THOSE

CARDS TO THE COACH BUT TO KEEP THEM AND Informed the coach that he would

have to get the cards back form the club rep.

e.       The lights are working on the new complex at High Noon Soccer


f.       Tom Duttle reported on the High School and reminds the referees to

turn in the paperwork to the NMAA as soon as possible.

g.       Rich Richins gave a report on the electronic filing of game reports.

It will showed up on the web page with in the next couple of weeks and we

will start using this way doing our reports to the league it will save the

association money, it was mention about the ones who do not have web page or

e-mail it was suggest that the referee give someone the report so they can

send the game reports in on timely matter. Note; it will be the

reasonability of the Assit. Referee to have the referee sign the game card

that the asst. will be using.

h.       Tom Scott talk about the being a professional when either calling a

game or being a player or a spectar. A note form the secretary that when

coaching a team make sure to wear something over your shirt.

i.        Cory Coleman was the winner of the Door prize. Rember Gentleman and

Ladies that you only can win once a year.

j.        Meeting adjourned at 20:56hours



Respectfully Schmidt


Monty Wellborn

Secretary LCSRA

February 14, 2002