Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting


Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Rm. 302

Date:        February 9, 2005

Call To Order at 7:10 PM hours


Approval of “previous month” Minutes:

Motioned (                    ) Second (                     )


Treasure Report Submitted By Lisa Willman:


Income HNSL                          $ 000.00

Interest                                    $ 000.00

Upgrade Clinic                          $ 420.00

Total Income                           $ 420.00



Raffle {Prizes}         $ 139.89

Office Supplies         $ 000.00

Referees                   $ 000.00

Scheduling                $ 000.00

Training                   $ 000.00

Treasurer                 $ 000.00

Total Expanses        $ 139.89

Net Income                              $ 280.11


HNSL Report:  (Allen Jackson)- All player or coach pass cards collected because of red cards need to be dropped off at the HNSL office at  1485 N. Main or call the HNSL registrar Mr. Trufarber at 523-0261.  When leaving a MESSAGE be sure to leave team and players names.


MVLS Report: (Andy Bristol) –Season off to a good start and things are going very well.


Assignor Report: (Andy Bristol) - All refs need to make sure that they sign the referee contract with LCSRA.  New refs were awesome and all game reports were turned in!


SDR Remarks:  (Gary Manley) – We now have 28 new refs.  No new clinics are scheduled.


Assessors Remarks: (Jose Diosdado) – Jose, Tom Duttle, Bill Lindemann, Gary Manley and Robert Gage are assessors.  They all need to do 10 assessments a year.  They can be D&G or formal.  To upgrade to a 7 you must be at least 17, done 50 or more games and been a grade 8 for over a year.


High School Report: (Tom Duttle) –HS refs voted on new assignor and group leader. Gary is the assignor and Tom Duttle is the group leader.


Old Business


1.        No report given on Kevin Riedel Scholarship. Lisa and Nigel are fine tuning the requirements with HNSL.


New Business


                1E-Mail etiquette—Please do not respond to e-mails by replying to all, only to the person sending the mail.






Raffle Winner Nigel Holman.