Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting

Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Rm. 200

Date: February 11, 2009

Call to Order at 7:00 p.m. by President Gina Gomez

Approval of the Minutes for the General Meeting of January 9, 2008, was motioned by Cathy Short, second by Chris Cooksey and membership voted in favor.

Treasure Report: Gary Manley reported there was no change since last meeting.  Cathy Short motioned to accept Treasure's report, second by Jose Briones and membership voted in favor.

High Noon Soccer League Report: The season has started well with no missing assignments and the first game reports were done promptly.

Mesilla Valley Soccer League Report: Chris Cooksey gave the starting dates for the four divisions of games and many other details.  Men's open will start on March 1st.  They have 22-24 teams.  Men's Over 30 will start on March 20th.  They have 10 teams.  Women's "D" will start on February 26th and they have 7 teams.  A new division, Women's 5v5 Open will start on March 3rd and have 6-7 teams.  An agreement and a conflict sheet must be turned in to assignors no later than February 22nd in order to be put on the schedule for any division.  Player pass cards must be presented before each game.  Only the registar can authorize a player to participate without a card and it will only be done if it is because of a league error.  Make sure and match them to the game rosters provided.  Any player that is eligible for the Spring season will have their card marked with a hole punch.  No other exceptions.  If you are missing payment for a game done, you need to contact Chris Cooksey immediately.  Your are responsible for keeping track of your games so if it occurs, you can give detailed information on the game due.  Information needed is date, teams, other referee team members, and game number.  Please have that information ready when contacting Chris.  The game assignments are totally at the discretion of the assignors hired for that purpose.  If you have any issues with games assigned/not assigned you need to contact the referee assignors to discuss details.  The only information the league will give the assignors is conflict issues from teams.  Bill Lindemann is the assignor for the Men's Open.  Martin Carrillo is the assignor for all other divisions.

State District Referee Administrator Remarks- Gary Manley mentioned that the Classic Tournament is Feb 21-22 with the upgrade clinic on the 20th.  There will be help to pay for travel for those wanting to upgrade.  The March meeting will be our first class that will fulfill one hour of the 5 hour requirement of annual training.  There will be 4 more such training sessions.  You must attend a total of 4 sessions and take the test for 2010 certification.  The LCSRA membership fee will be due on the March 11 meeting.

Assessor: Robert Gage discussed the Mentoring Program.  For those that want to improve, send an email to Robert.  You will be paired with an older referee for mentoring.  We are looking for four or five male and female youth referees to be sent to the State Association for consideration in the NM Youth Referee of the Year program.  You must be willing to travel and do games in other parts of the state.  If you are selected as the Youth Referee for NM, you will be sent to the Regional games to do some of the best youth soccer refereeing in the nation.

Youth Referee Information: Nothing to report.

High School Referee Report: The tax law to eliminate referee pay from gross receipts tax is before in the House for a vote.

Old Business: Tax forms 1099 should have been sent.

New Business: Jesus Favela, with the NMSU chapter of ASCE, informed the membership that they are trying to develop a 3v3 soccer tournament and would like to know if there would be support from LCSRA.  The tournament will be in the fall.  He was informed that that was not the best time due to High School games would reduce the number of available referees.

Training:  Michael Needham, coach of the NMSU Women's Colligate Soccer team, talked about "What do coaches and players expect from their referee and assistant referees."  Lively questions and discussion followed.  Coach Michael Needham was presented a check for $100 to support the NMSU Women's Colliagte Soccer team.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:45 by Gina Gomez