Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association

Board Meeting Agenda
6:00PM February 8, 2012
Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200

1. Committee Reports
    a. Audit – Jose Briones, will be on the agenda next month.
    b. Recruit & Retention Tom Duttle, Robert Gage, Matt Horst, Crystal Woods, Paige Ramsey;
        Between the two clinics we broke even. We lost 6 or 7 referees, 18 took the first weekend 2nd upgrades, 23 took the referee clinic 4 or 5 re-certifications.
    c. Referee Instruction – Tom Duttle, Gary Manley, Nigel Holman, Bill Lindemann, Rick Hendricks
    d. Judiciary – Tom Duttle, Jose Briones, Robert Gage
    e. Liaison – Lisa Willman, Bill Lindemann
2. Old Business
    a. Referee agreement with LCYSL Bill Lindemann
    b. Pay Schedule – review history-build proposal to make to LCYSL Tom Duttle/Nigel Holman
    c. Discuss and propose Referee Evaluation Form Robert Gage/Gina Gomez
    d. Design New Logo - Nigel Holman/Joe Flemming
    e. Scholarship – representative to Southern NM Community Foundation Malynda Chizek
    f. US Youth Soccer Youth Referee of the Year Nomination Robert Gage
    g. Collection of unpaid dues
    h. Budget – Dues
3. New Business
    a. Incident Report, Tom Duttle
    b. By-law revision
    c. Complete and sign non-profit corporate report

General Meeting

7:04 Meeting brought to order by President Lisa Wilman

1. Approval for the January Minutes for last month could not be made, will approve at the March meeting.
2. Tresurers report: No change
3. Reminder of Dues: $10 for referee under 23 $20 for over
4. Bill Lindeman: Liason for MVSL 10 min past game time walk off the field. No shorten games unless there was an accident. No play if you do not have jerseys of the same color. Write players number on their hand. Jerry Ibarra is the new registrar. Referees must be out on the field on time. On the sideline the foul language will need to be under control. Season starts March 1st,
5. Youth league: Lisa Willman, season will begin March 3rd, new evaluation agreement, will use Arbitor for game reports. The league is looking for a field coordinator.
6. If you haven’t recertified there are other opportunities. You can make arrangements to attend in Alamogordo, or Albuquerque.
7. Kevin Reidel Scholarship: Anyone that is a High School or in college please contact Mylinda
8. Training: Tom Duttle, “What gets a referee into problems”
9. Raffle was won by Joe Fleming, he chose a green referee jersey.

Meeting Adjourned
At 8:28
Gina Gomez, Secretary