Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association
Regular Meeting, February 12, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm by Raymond Burchfield.

Minutes from previous meeting will be placed online and approved next meeting.

Presidentís report
We are contemplating changes the dues structure. We will discuss this later.
The El Paso Cobras are sponsoring a tournament on the first weekend of March.
Raymond welcomed the new referees.

Treasurerís report
We have just under $3000 plus about $3000 in a CD; no change since last report.

Youth League update
Please check cards for age group and team name. The Arbiter ( will be used for assigning and game reports. Center needs to file game report within 48 hours of the game. Include scores for U8 (no scorers) and goal scorers for U10 and above.
The league is looking into RefPay through the Arbiter for payment.

Mesilla Valley update
Games will not start on 3/1; probably 3/8. There is a new system of assigning that Bill showed at the end of the meeting to adult refs.

State report
No report.

Assessorís report
Dominique will be watching games and identifying referees for future development.

Broke into two groups: new refs worked on mechanics; experienced refs reviewed a video and discussed the game situations.

Meeting adjourned at 8:06 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Tim Pitts.