Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association

6:30PM February 11, 2015
Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200

Board Meeting
Absent: Raymond Burchfield (Andrew Bristol took minutes of both meetings)

1. LCYSL wants LCSRA to improve on the mentoring of new referees.
    a. Discussion centered on how best to set up a program that would satisfy LCYSL needs.
    b. Question was raised if we should have a training program for mentoring.
    c. It was decided to work with LCYSL board in selecting personnel for the program. This should be done before season starts.
2. Need to find a new registered agent for LCSRA Corporation to replace Gary Manley
    a. Pat Switzer happen to be present and agreed to do the service
    b. Lisa Willman will be contacted to help with this change.

General Meeting

7:00 Meeting brought to order by President Andrew Bristol

1. Approval for the January Minutes: Jean McKeaver moved to approve, Robert Gage second, Motion passed
2. Audit committee report was given.
    a. Treasurer's accounts are in good shape.  Balance in checking is $2956.16 and the Savings account is $4915.53 with a total of $7,568.11.  Audit is attached.
    b. Business Services Division of the Office of the Secretary of State of New Mexico has given LCSRA a "Good Standing" until 5/15/2015.  Certificate is attached.
3. It was announced that scholarships are available, including the one for Kevin Riedel Fund. The application are posted at the LCSRA web site.
4. Patches for 2015 can be picked up from Tom Duttle after the meeting.
5. Announcements for LCYSL, MVSL, State District Ref Admin, Assessor, Youth Rep, and High School can be found on the LCSRA web site.
6. Training: Nigel Holman, Managing Difficult Player, Coaches, and Fans

Meeting Adjourned
At 8:20
Andrew Bristol, President