Las Soccer Referee Association General Membership Meeting January 9, 2002

 Meeting called to order by Robert Gage at 19:09 hours

Minutes were read for the December 12, 2001 motion by Al Porter and second by Gary Manley to accept the December minutes as written motion carried.  

 1.  Training by Bill Lindemann:

  1. HNSL local laws and the reminders of the coaches and players on one side of field and specters on the oppose side of the field. If a coach is on the side of the spectators and wants to coach on that side warn him to move to the other side of the field or use common sense on this matter.
  2.  Celebration of goals by players after they scored goals is allowed if they do not mock the other players of the other team. They are allowed to lift up their shirts and         celebrate this way only.  Like above use common sense when doing games.
  3.  Ceremonial restart when fouls are called the teams is allowed to quick started with a free kick. The part of this training is dealing with a foul is called and there is a misconduct resulting in a caution or send off. FIFA has put out  not to stand over the ball to prevent the kick being taken. Showed or say something to the players to keep them form kicking the ball and putting the ball back in play.  Bill said hold up both hands and blow the whistle to restart play.
  4. Players Temp. Off the field: this dealt with injures they can return to the field only with the permission of the Referee. Examples of these were Adult players who temporary left the field to attend to pulled muscles or cramps in the legs.  Players who are bleeding can return to the field of play after the bleeding stop.  On pre game talking the Assistant Referee or the fourth official working the match can allow the player back on.
  5.  Mentoring of New Referees were disunion with everybody and Bill said if you were interested in this to contact him.

 2. Treasurer Report Jose Diosdado reported there was nothing being generated this month and there would be no report.

3. Assigners Report Kevin Rediel hand out conflicts for the spring 2002 season, if you were not at the meeting to contact him or send him the conflicts.

4.  Director of Assessment Nigel Holman no report

5. Youth Repenstive Allison Wilman no report

6. Judicial committee Gina Martinez  no report

7. DRA Gary Manley no report

8.   MVSL Report Gina Martinez the will be a Adult Tournament the week end of February 16 an 17th contact Martin Carrillo, Gina or Cathy Short to work that tournament. Other future tournaments are; over thirty tournament in Santa Fe July 13 and 14, State Cup May 4th and 5th.

9. Old Business none

10 New Business

a. Robert Gage informed the HNSL board that the association was not the emery.  Joe Campo is concern about the incident back east involeding the  parent of a hockey player. Robert said to enforce the laws of the game. Go back to the training about the coaches and players on one side of the field and the parents on the other side of the field.

  1. Alamogordo Youth Tournament 16th and 17th of February contact Lisa Stack if interested in doing that tournament at

c.   3on3 tournament the 2nd and 3rd of February at the New Soccer Fields at High Noon Soccer Complex. Tournament officials will be locate between the paved parking lot at the football field and the Soccer fields the parking for the tournament will be in that area.  Send conflicts to Robert Gage as soon as you know when you are playing or coaching or have a kid playing in the tournament.  Pay for the games will be $6.00 per game.

  1. New Referee Clinic January 25, 26, and 27 with Paul Mix
  2.  Assigners clinic January 25, 26, and 27 in Albuquerque contact Gary Manley this is referee grades 7, 6 and 5
  1. door prize winner is Andy Bristol

   meeting adjourned at 8:09pm


Monty Wellborn

Secretary LCSRA

Corrected on January 11, 2002