Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting


Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Rm. 336

Date:    January 11,2006


Call To Order at 7:05 PM hours


Approval of “previous month” Minutes:

Motioned (        Joe Fleming      ) Second (    Terry Richards    )


Treasure Report Submitted By Gary Manley: Checks will not be available until 8:00pm at Association meetings. You must be present in person or give written permission for someone else to pick up your check. Another option is to give Gary a self addressed stamped envelope and he will mail you your checks.


HNSL- HNSL will pay for ref clinic. Games will start on February 11th. 3v3 tournament will be January 28.


MVSL- Possible over 40 tournament coming up.


Assignor- Adult league will start February 2nd. Please fill out and return conflicts sheets ASAP. You must give one week notice of when you will be unavailable or YOU must find your replacement.


SDR- Clinic this weekend, possible recertification clinic in Deming. Patches and Law books are in.


Assessor- If you want to be assessed please let Monty Wellborn know.


Old Business- Robert Gage will be completing paper work for Youth ref of the year and needs photos of both Seth and Veronika. Must be in by March.


New Business- Committee assignments please check web site.


Training- New HNSL laws. Please read rules on u6 and u8 games, know how long the quarters are. U13+ now sub only on own throw. Eyeglasses do not need to have a strap. A player may play with a cast in league play as long as the ref deems it to be safe.


Raffle Winner- Lindsey Short


Adjourn- (  Terry Richards  ) second  (  Thad )