Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association Board Meeting

Location: NMSU Gerald Tomas Hall Room 200

Date: January 14, 2009

Call to order at 6:12 PM by President Gina Gomez

Present: Gina Gomez, Robert Gage, Nigel Holman, Gary Manley, Selina Salazar, Cathy Short, and Andrew Bristol

1. Discussion was centered around a fee to replace monies missing when HNSL takes over scheduling and referee payment.  There will be about a $1000.00 loss per year.  Fee is needed to pay for instructors of clinics, sending youth to tournaments for experience, and sending some members to state wide clinics to maintain level of referee knowledge and experience.

2.  Cathy Short made motion to have a membership fee of $10.00 for youth and $20.00 for adult referees.  After discussion on age break and deadline to pay, Cathy amended her motion to include youth to be up to age 22 and adults to be age 23 and older.  Robert Gage seconded the motion.  Vote for the motion was unanimous. 

3. Gary Manley made a motion that the door prizes be limited to $10.00 value.  This was so the treasury would not be depleted quickly.  Andrew Bristol seconded the motion and it was approved by a unanimous vote.

Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting

Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Hall Rm. 200

Date: January 14, 2009

Call to Order at 7:00 p.m. by President Gina Gomez

It was moved by Andrew Bristol to approve the Minutes for the General Meeting for the month of December 2008, Bill Lindemann second and membership vote in favor.

Treasure Report: Payment for games will no longer be done with LCSRA and by LCSRA checks.  High Noon Soccer League will be paying directly to the contracted referee.  Gary Manley will carry the checks to the LCSRA meetings on a monthly basis as has been the norm.  If you can't make the meeting, you can get to him a self addressed and stamped envelope to have your payment mailed to you.  Gary will not pay before the meeting.  Gary mentioned that the LCSRA board has instituted a membership fee to replace the monies lost, now that High Noon Soccer League is handling both the scheduling and the referee pay.  Membership fee is $10.00 for age up to 22 and $20.00 for age 23 and older.  After paying the fee, as a member of LCSRA, you will not have to pay any recertification clinic fee. Membership fees will help pay for training, door prizes, travel, etc. Gary also reported that we have approximately $5000.00 total in the savings and checking.  The motion to accept the treasure's report was seconded and passed.

High Noon Soccer League Report: Rick Hendricks reported that the season starts on February 7, 2009.  A new contract must be signed by everyone that wants to do High Noon Soccer League affiliated games.  Rick passed out these forms at the meeting and suggested to those under 18 to have their parents read before signing. No one will be exempt from doing U6-8 games.  High Noon is preparing to have two games on weekday nights on the PVD fields to make it more appealing.  Even though High Noon will take over assigning and paying referees to do their games, they still want the referees to attend the monthly meetings of LCSRA to keep up-to-date on training and changes in the laws and rules and to get your checks.  Again for the spring, High Noon will be talking to the coaches about the Zero Tolerance Rule.  If you need to deliver anything to High Noon, their address is 3816 N. Main St., Las Cruces, NM. Conflicts need to be given to Andrew Bristol before the season starts.  He will send it out by email.

Mesilla Valley Soccer League Report: Bill Lindemann is recruiting referees to do Adult Men games. Martin Carrillo assigns for the Women D and the Over 30 men's divisions. A new season starts in March for the Men.

State District Referee Administrator - Gary Manley announced that Deming wants to do a Grade 9 Clinic to be held either Jan. 31 or Feb 7.

Assessors Remarks: Robert Gage mentioned the possible mentoring program where those youth that want to learn and advance quickly will be paired with an older mentoring referee.  He also mentioned that when you are watching a game where you are not part of the officiating team, that you should not wear your referee shirt. Gina brought up the subject of extra equipment and/or clothing that older referees might be willing to bring to the next meeting for those that are just starting.

High School Referee/Leader Report: None

Old Business: Gina Gomez introduced the new officers for 2009.  Gloria Marquez handed out last year's door prizes.

New Business: Pat Switzer is the representative for the Rush Club.  They are having friendly games on January 24 from 9 am to 3 pm.  These will be U12 through U17 games.  He needs 13 referees to do the center.  Pay will be done at the field.  If you are willing to AR for the experience, he will use you also.  You can contact him at or 532-0383.

Training was conducted by Nigel Holman.  Review new and recent Laws and Documents (Website update), DVD on key issues, and Solicit training topics for 2009

Meeting Adjourned: 8:30 pm