Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association

Board Meeting Minutes January 11, 2012
Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200
Meeting Started at 6:05 PM

Attendance Lisa Willman, Malynda Chizek, Gina Gomez, Robert Gage, Tom Duttle, Matt Horst, Gary Manley, Bill Lindemann, Jose Briones, Nigel Holman Absent Jean McKeever

Review Bylaws – Distributed copies of by-laws to all newly elected officers Committee Assignments
    a. Audit – Jose Briones – Elliott Willman and Dominique Gbogbo
    b. Recruit & Retention – Tom Duttle – Robert Gage – Matt Horst, Crystal Woods, Paige Ramsey
    c. Referee Instruction – Tom Duttle – Gary Manley – Nigel Holman – Bill Lindemann – Rick Hendricks
    d. Judiciary – Tom Duttle – Jose Briones – Robert Gage
    e. Nominating – Bill Lindemann – Malinda Chizek – Sam Horst
    f. Liaison – Lisa Willman – Bill Lindemann

    a. Referee agreement with LCYSL-. Bill Lindeman will head up the agreement. Bill will make recommendations based on agreement currently in affect with MVSL
    b. Pay Schedule – Tom Duttle and Nigel Holman will make recommendation. Compared to ABQ, ABQ gets $40 CTR - $25 AR in the adult league.
    c. Referee Evaluation Form – Robert Gage and Gina Gomez will recommend after approval by the LCSRA the liaisons will present it to the two soccer leagues.
        It’s been decided that the Assessor and President should receive the evaluation forms.
    d. Design New Logo – Nigel Holman and Joe Flemming will solicit input from members and recommend a new logo to be adopted by the membership.
    e. Scholarship – representative to Southern NM Community Foundation will be Malynda Chizek
    f. US Youth Soccer Youth Referee of the Year Nomination - Robert Gage will nominate
    g. Monthly door prizes – Elliott Willman will coordinate
    h. By-law revision needs to be drafted want to more specifically address the Scholarship and Awards in general – Lisa Willman will work on it.

Board recommended making $700 contribution to scholarship award. Vote will be taken during membership meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM
Gina Gomez

General Meeting

7:09 Lisa, President, has brought the meeting to order.

Approving the December 2011 minutes
There is motion to approve the December minutes.
Bill Lindemann first motion and Manny Chavez second motion all passed

Treasurer Report: $3,420.26

LCYSL: Lisa Willman attended and will report. Zero tolerance and inappropriate behavior. The League will refund teams that did not have referees to do their games. The league would like to have a positive environment. The next meeting will be at Mesilla Community Park.

MVSL: Dominique GboGbo, first board meeting February 6 Branigan Library 6:00 o’clock, Bill is the new liaison. Bill Lindemann will take a look at the present agreement for changes.

State Rep: Tom Duttle U6-U8 clinic will be 3 hours. January 28 and 29, grade 8 February 4 grade 9. President Cup is February 11 and 12 Classic is February 18 and 19 for U10 thru U14. February 24, 25, and 26 for U15 thru U19, this age group is for upgrading. Jack Houston is the contact person.

Committee: 1. Audit: Jose Briones, Elliot Willman and Dominique GboGbo
Committee: 2. Recruit and Retention: Tom Duttle, Robert Gage, Matt Horst, Paige and Crystal
Committee: 3. Nominating: Bill Lindemann, Mylinda and Sam Horst, Gina Gomez
Committee: 4. New Logo: Nigel Holman and Joe Fleming
Committee: 5. Youth Soccer Referee of the Year: Identify both genders, then ultimately send one person to State. Ad hoc add to our by-laws. Add this along with years of service.

Past November the scholarship to be presented to someone was at $700, the President would like to bring this amount to $1400. Bill Lindemann mentioned that we did not have the right to add $700 to the original $700. Deadline is March 20th and will be awarded by May. Lisa is bringing this up to the association to vote on.
Motion-Nigel motioned that $500 from the association assets to apply to the Kevin Reidel endowment. Based on the qualifications of more than 1 person. Joe Fleming second.

Training: Tom Duttle mentioned, that Nationals will be brought here to the United States. Tom would like to have one referee to represent New Mexico as a National Referee.

Guidelines Official Evaluations: Robert Gage
1. Appearance and Manner and Professional
2. Mechanics, Whistle sharp and loud, When speaking to the Coaches and Players can you be in control? Team-work how you communicate with people.
3. Judgment & Consistency of Calls, can you anticipate for the level of the game.
4. Speed, Movement, Positioning
5. Decisiveness and Game Control, firm and confident
6. Knowledge of Rules.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:57pm
Gina Gomez, Secretary