Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association
Board Meeting Minutes January 14, 2015

Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200

Meeting Started at 6:30 PM

All members present except Dominic GboGbo.
Raymond Burchfield is approved by BOD as Secretary.
Discussion on the future relevance of LCSRA with the changes that have taken place and on how we can attract new referees.
Discussion on the need for mentoring and training for the spring season with training on the fields
On Saturdays.

Grade 8 clinic on the 21st of February, from 8-5.

President Bristol stated that we need to send him meeting agenda items ahead of time for inclusion
on the meeting agenda.

Committees need to be assigned. Looking for volunteers.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50pm.

Submitted by Raymond Burchfield, Secretary, LCSRA

Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association
Membership Meeting

Called to order at 7:00pm.
President Bristol talked about communication with the membership. Stated that he will use the LCSRA website as much as possible. He requested that all referees check the website more frequently for announcements. This will help our monthly meeting be more focused on training.

Motion to accept December minutes. Motion passed.

There was no official treasury report.
The Youth league has passed along to us that they want us to crack down on abusive coaches.
MVSL needs experienced referees for working adult games.

There has not been an official announcement yet as to where the youth and adult leagues will be playing.

High School Soccer: Tim Pitts, High School group leader for 2015 said that he plans to have more meetings outside of the season and less meetings during the season.

Training by Nigel Holman. He asked for topics for the year. Discussion on throw-in enforcement/consistency.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.

Submitted by Raymond Burchfield, Secretary, LCSRA