Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association

Board Meeting-1/11/2017 @ 6:00pm
Members present: President GboGbo, Secretary Burchfield, Director of Dev. Bill Lindemann &
State District Referee Tom Duttle (did not have a quorum)

Discussion on how we can try to make the LCSRA relevant again.
Tom Duttle stated that we need to focus training to the proper level (youth), to benefit our newer referees.

President GboGbo stated that he wants to start using the old field house between HN1 & HN3. He has been in contact with the City’s Parks & Rec Dept. to start that process.

Bill L. stated that we could use the field house as a game day gathering point to discuss games, build comradery, and possibly a picnic for the referees.
Goals for this year (2017):

1. Field House usage
2. Invest time and Money in field house
3. Recruiting – spring clinic hopefully on February 25, 2017.
4. Game day gathering with refreshments (food/drink)
5. The need for pro-active scheduling to accommodate new referees for the spring season.

Adjourned at 6:45pm

Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association

Membership Meeting
7:00pm January 11, 2017
Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200
Meeting called to order at 7:00PM; by President GboGbo
Minutes: December minutes not available.

Treasurer’s Report No report

President GboGbo introduced the goals from the board meeting to the members present for discussion. Robert Gage mentioned the need for mentoring the new referees and asked if the youth league was going to continue the mentoring program.

LCYSL Report: No report. The next board meeting was after this meeting. President GboGbo will attend and give us a report next month.

MVSL Report: Bill Lindemann reported; After the February meeting he wants to have a short, administrative meeting for MVSL referees. All MVSL referees must turn in the contract agreement and a conflict sheet to get games.

State District Report: Tom Duttle stated that the MVSL was seeking a grant from USSF that is geared towards referee retention.

Committee Assignments for 2017:
• Retention Committee: Tracy Baker, Ken Coppedge, Tim Pitts
• Audit Committee: Raymond Burchfield, Jose Briones
• Instruction Committee: Bill Lindemann, Tom Duttle, Tom Scott, Robert Gage, Xavier Chavez, David Guttierrez

High School: Bill Lindemann stated that Middle School Soccer would start in March and asked for names of those who would like to officiate them.

Bill Lindemann administered training.

Adjourned at 8:10pm.

Minutes submitted by: Raymond Burchfield, Secretary, LCSRA