Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting

7:00PM July 10, 2013
Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200

Business Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:00PM; 12 members present (101 certified referees)

Tabled minutes for May and June meeting. Minutes have not yet been posted to website.

There was no Board meeting this month.

Treasurer’s Report none.

Door Prizes. As a result of discussion Ray had with winner of last month door prize a motion was made by Lisa and seconded by Robert that door prize winners had to select from door prizes that were available.

LCYSL Report. No report since no one attended.

MVSL Report.  Lisa reported that the adults will be meeting next Monday and that a new rules book will be distributed to coaches. Lisa agreed to forward copy to Bill and Tom.

Fall Season. U8 and above will start August 24 & U6 will begin September 7. We will referee U8 games this season.

Referee Clinics.  Grade 9 and Grade 8 clinic needed. A Grade 8 clinic ½ of which is online has been developed.  August 10 & 11 state recertification clinic in Albuquerque. Grade 8 on Saturday & Grade 7 and assessors will be on Sunday.

Training.  Bill discussed FIFA memo on offside change. Player has to actually touch the ball  - not only make a play for the ball or challenge opponent for the ball.

Meeting adjured at 7:37PM


Lisa Willman