Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting


Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Rm. 336

Date:    June 8, 2005


Call To Order at 7:00 PM hours


Approval of “previous month” Minutes:

Motioned (                    ) Second (                     )


Treasure Report Submitted By Lisa Willman:


No report



President’s Report- Allan Jackson—No Report

SDR Remarks:  (Gary Manley No Report

Assessors Remarks: Robert Gage …Program to promote Young refs for State Youth Ref of the year was suggested. Nominations will be accepted later in the year.

High School Report: No report


Old Business


            1.Update on the Kevin Riddel Scholarship update. HNSL will have a surcharge on their registration and the Rotary Club is giving $500.00 to the scholarship

            2.Jose Diosdado made a public apology concerning the video that offended some members and the misinterpatation of rules that he instructed.

            3. Gina Martinez fund raiser will be held at the Eagles Club 7-6-05 from 11` to 4


New Business


            1. Sign up sheets. Just a reminder if you sign in for a referee that is not present that is fraud and you will be held accountable as a non-game misconduct.

            2. Gina Martinez made a plea of help. Gina asked if LCSRA members would help her sale tickets for a medical cost fund raiser..


Raffle Winner: Rick Hendricks