Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting

June 9, 2010

Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Hall, Rm. 200

Call to order at 7PM by Pres. Lindemann.

Jose Briones motioned and Raymond Burchfield seconded the motion to approve the April 2010 minutes as corrected and posted to the web site. The motion passed.

Gary Manley motioned and Jose Briones seconded the motion to approve the May 2010 minutes as posted. The motion passed.

President Lindemann asked the group to welcome new member Doug Savard to the group who recently moved from California to Las Cruces.

Gary Manley gave the treasurerís report stating that $8,412.00 was available for expenditures. Gina Gomez motioned and Jose Briones seconded the motion to accept the treasurerís report. The motion passed.

Bill Lindemann formally recognized Malynda Chizek as one of the recipients of the Kevin Riedel Scholarship Fund, and the group offered congratulations.

There was no assignorís report, assessorís report, nor a report from the MVSL.

Gary Manley did reveal that a formal report had been filed with NMSSA, the MVSL (adult league) on a referee abuse case, and that all necessary reports had been filed.

It was announced that Frank Moreno had been elected as the new president of the HNSL, and that HNSL and the city were going to renumber some of the fields at the High Noon Complex prior to the start of the Fall 2010 season.

Nigel Holman gave training covering week 9 of the MLS season and video from the USSF website covering the deciding factors of whether to issue a yellow card, red card, or no card based SIAPOA (speed, intent, aggressiveness, position of the player, opportunity to play the ball, and atmosphere of the match).

The meeting was adjourned at 8PM.