Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting
June 8, 2011

Jose Briones called the meeting to order at 7:08PM. Motion to accept May meeting minutes. Ray Burchfield motioned and Cathy Short 2nd. Motion passed.

Treasury Report: Gary Manley reported the following:

Checking account: $3,068.64

CD: $4,840.54

Dues are due for most referees for 2011.

LCYSL report: No report. Meeting next week

MVSL Report: Bill Lindemann reported complaints from Women’s teams about Assistant Referees not paying attention during their matches. Keep your mind on the game refs! Checks not ready. They can be picked up next week.

State District Report: No report this month.

Assessor: Tom Duttle stated that we need to be aware of any conflict of interest with the games that we do as referees and to be sure to wear the appropriate badge.

No Youth Report.

No High School Report.

No Old Business.

New Business: Cathy talked about the importance of goal anchors and that this is a legal and liability issue that needs to be addressed.

Training: Nigel Holman talked about goal safety issues. Referees are not to wear jewelry of any kind as well as the players. He stated that in one instance a referee got his ring finger snagged over a goal post and lost his finger. - a great place for referees.

U.S. Soccer week in review; it has changed a bit but is still good for the latest issues and training tips. He Showed videos covering offsides and handballs in the penalty area.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25PM