Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting

Minutes for Board meeting on 6/13/2012
Called to order at 6:07pm by president Willman. Members present are Lisa Willman, Jean McKeever, Robert Gage, Matt Horst, Tom Duttle, and Raymond Burchfield.

Jean nominates Raymond B. as Secretary, Robert Gage 2nd, Motion passed.

Jean motions to accept minutes from March 14, Robert G. 2nd, motion passed.
Jean motion for 5/9/12 minutes, Ray B. 2nd, motion passed.

Tabled Audit committee report.

Youth referee awards to be presented tonight by Robert Gage and Bill Lindemann.
After some discussion as to what the maximum age should be for the youth Referee award, Robert Gage motioned that we change it from 23 to 19, Jean 2nd, motion passed.

Discussion on By-Laws revisions. All members will read and review current by-laws and email suggestions and comments to Jean.

35th anniversary party tabled.

Tom Duttle requested reimbursement for gas expense for the travel to Albuquerque that he and Bill Lindemann did to attend the instructor training. Raymond B. motioned to reimburse in the amount of $50.00 and Robert Gage 2nd, motion passed. Lisa Willman then motioned to include Jean McKeever since she traveled to Albuquerque for State Cup games. Ray B. 2nd, motion passed. $100.00 will come from the travel budget to pay for this expense.

Adjourned at 6:54pm

Submitted by Raymond Burchfield, Secretary, LCSRA


Minutes for General meeting on 6/13/2012
Called to order at 6:07 pm by president Willman.

Motion to accept the minutes from the March 4th meeting by Andy Bristol, 2nd by Chrystal Woods, motion passed.
Motion to accept the minutes from the May 9th meeting by Ray Burchfield, 2nd by Jean McKeever, motion passed.

Treasury report: Jean McKeever reported that the balance on the LCSRA checking account is $3,487.87. There was no update as to the balance of the Certificate of Deposit.

LCYSL report: President Willman attended the annual meeting. Jason McClure is the new president of the league, Registrar is Erik Tuchfarber, Treasurer is Jeff Thompson, Field and Equipment is Alex Reyes and the Tournament Director is David Aguirre. Daniel Lopez is the Vice President. Lisa Willman presented the league with the proposed pay increase for referees. It received a favorable response from those present. Proposed rates will be attached at the end of these minutes.  (Actually, for the web site, here is the link to a PDF file for proposed rates.)

State District Referee Report: Tom Duttle discussed the potential scheduling difficulties for the fall season with scholastic soccer and other activities for our youth referees. He estimated that an additional 45 referees will be needed for coverage. We need to get our conflict sheets in early if possible. There is a Grade 9 clinic scheduled for Aug 25, 2012. There will be a series of Game Manager clinics for the U6 parent referees. They are currently scheduled for August 14, 15, and 16 from 6-9pm and on August 18 from 9-12 and 1-4pm.

August 11, 2012,
The 2013 Statewide Recertification Clinic for Grades 9/8/7 Referees
Instructors, Assessors, and State (Grades 6/5) Referees are welcome
CNM Community College
Smith Brasher Hall, Room 100
717 University Blvd SE
Albuquerque 87106
Lead Instructor: Al Kleinaitis
Written testing and registration after the clinic

This clinic satisfies the annual recertification clinic requirements for existing referees grade 9, 8, 7, to be certified for the calendar year 2013. Certification of new referees and upgrades are not possible at this clinic. No pre-registration is required.

MVSL Report: Bill Lindemann stated that the finals for the Menís open are Saturday on Field 1.
Bill also gave the LCSRA proposed rate increase to MVSL president Dominique for the league to consider. Dominique also gave recognition to Nigel Holman for a job well done as an assessor.

Robert Gage and Bill Lindemann presented the Youth Referee of the year awards to Maya Morales and Jesus Favela.

Lisa Willman stated that to access the Referee List on our (LCSRA) website, that the username and password have changed to the following. Username is _____ and the password is ______. (Not posted here for security reasons)

Tom Duttle also noted that 2 of our local referees are working the regional tournament in Phoenix. They are Ryan Adragna and Jose Villenueva. Congratulations to these 2 referees for getting chosen for this assignment.

Training: Discussion on illegal player passcards. When looking at the passcard, make sure that the registrar signature is ON TOP of the picture for youth league (LCYSA). If it is not this is a sign of tampering and this card would need to be confiscated. Be careful with what you say to the coach. Do not make accusations; just take the cards to the league office.

Adjourned at 8:30pm

Checks were then distributed.
42 Referees signed in.

Submitted by Raymond Burchfield, Secretary, LCSRA