General membership meeting of Las Cruces Referee Association March 13, 2002

Meeting called to order by Robert Gage at 19:10 hours

1.      Motion was made to accept the minutes as they were printed on the web page motion passed.

2.      Treasurers report given by Jose Diosdado and Lisa Wilman;

A.     Lisa reported to the association about the end of the year fiscal report for 2001

B.     Jose reported the income for the month of February 2002 deposits totaling $3000.00 was made and after checks given out for the referees the account was left with an balance of $4300.00

C.     Motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made and accept as read.

3.      Robert Gage mention the incident that occurred on March 9 which was an assault against a referee, he mention that if this occurs again he would like the asst. referee to run on the field and get the attention of the referee doing the game.

4.      Rich Richins gave training of the use and misuse of the advantage cause of the laws. Which falls under the law 5 of the FIFA, which deals with the referee and his duties.

5.      Reports form committee    

a.       Gary Manley DRA no report

b.      Judiciary committee Gina Martinez no report

c.       Liaisons MVSL Gina Martinez their meeting was the following Monday night at that times no report.

d.      High School Tom Duttle there was meeting following the General membership meeting.

e.       Assigner Kevin Riedel noted that there would be the border cup tournament on April 6th and 7th to get the conflicts for that weekend in as soon as you can.

6.      Old Business none

7.      New Business

a.       Committee assignments

a.       Judiciary committee Joe Flemming chairman, Al Porter, Rick Hendricks, Manny Chavez and Trey O’Donnell members of the committee

b.      Other committees will be assign by Robert Gage.

c.       Tournaments coming; April 6th and 7th Border Cup with about 60 teams coming in for the tournament the tournament people are expecting teams form Juarez and El Paso.  We will need everybody that can work that weekend.  City tournament 20th and 21st of April, Sun Bowl tournament in El Paso May 3rd to the 5th,  Knock rounds in Las Cruces late April and early May?

d.      To Take Schedules of games to the fields do to the fact the game boxes are no longer being used and when there is a send off contact Robert Gage or Kevin Riedel to turn the cards in to one of them.

e.       When teams are playing up in bracket play during the regular season goes with the older age group time of halves and the local laws covering that age group.

f.        Mrs. Rovens a parent of a youth referee address the group as a whole at her request dealing with concerns of her self and what could have happen.

g.       What your hear in the meetings that involved other referees should stay in the room

h.       New Referees can ask for D &G assessments for any of the asserters of the association contact Nigel Holman or Kevin Riedel to set up an assessment. Note: there is no charge for the assessments form the new assessors of the association.


j.        Tim O’Brien was the winner of the shirt of his choice.

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting and the meeting was adjourned at 20:30hours.

Monty L. Wellborn

Secretary of the association

March 21, 2002 is


Board Meeting of the Las Cruces Referees Association March 13, 2002 

Members Present: R. Gage, K. Riedel, A. Bristol, M. Wellborn, B. Lindemann, J. Diosdado,G. Manley DRA-NMSRA, L. Wilman guest of the meeting

Meeting Called to order by Robert Gage at 18:04 hours

  1. Disscion took place on the Referee Assault that occurred on March 9, 2002.
  2. All with that disscion was what can be done to prevent this form happening again with other youths or adults that face this problems. Suggestion was to have the referees who has a problem and cannot stop the situation to run on to the field and inform the center referee to stop the situation form getting out of hand.
  3. Duicssion on the situation that occur on March 10, 2002 and an e-mail that was sent by Bill Lindemann as a propose letter to the New Mexico Referee Committee chairman Mr. Don Clark to have him talk to Martin Carrillo and the way he handles the adult league scheduling.  Motion by Andy Bristol and second by Jose Diosdado to send the letter to Don Clark with the signature of Monty Wellborn as secretary of the Association Board motion passed.
  4. Kevin Riedel asks about the game report books that usually go to the fields for game reports. Since we are no longer using paper game reports  the desion of the board was to discontinue taking them out. Note on any send offs contact Robert Gage or Kevin Riedel to get those cards to the league.
  5. Lisa Wilman informed the league of the Audit of the books she did for the Association. She told us that we had made less last year than we did the year before and that we broke just about even.

Meeting adjoined at 6:59 pm

Monty Wellborn

Secretary of the LCSRA

March 19, 2002