Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association Board Meeting March 12, 2003



Room Las Cruces High School, B Wing, Room 12.

BOD members present were Gina Martinez, Bill Lindemann, Gary Manley, Rick Hendricks, Andy Bristol, Jose Diosdado



President Gina Martinez called the meeting to order at 1835 hours.

Discussion of Border Cup.




Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting March 12, 2003


Room Las Cruces High School, B Wing, Room 12



President Martinez called the meeting to order at 1905 hours.


A motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting (January11, 2003) was made by Joe Fleming and seconded by Joey Fleming. The motion passed on a voice vote.


Diosdado gave the treasurer’s report:


Starting income                                     $1310.99


Bills, T-shirts                                                    -     96.15


Total                                                                   1214.84


Income from March games                                 276.00


Total                                                                    1490.00


Payment for referees                                                    4645.00


CD                                                                   $   3100.00


Total available in the bank                                   $4590.84




Diosdado went over need for W9 to be completed. If you make over $600 you must have a 1099, and income is reported to IRS.

Robert Gage moved acceptance of the treasurer's report and George Gates seconded. The motion passed on a voice vote.


Martin Carrillo reported that MVSL is selecting a new secretary upon resignation of Melissa Hernandez.


Monty Wellborn reported on High Noon Soccer League, indicating that David Beginning in the fall, there will be a raise of $5 per game per referee. Gary Manley expounded on this move to retain referees.  We still need new referees, and it was thought that this move might help attract new referees. We need to be professional as fans, coaches, players, and referees.  Everyone must wear the proper uniform or you are not going to get many games. Some referees are not attending meetings and therefore are not getting the ongoing training.


Manley reminded the referees that a local rule prohibits casts of any kind.


There are not enough referees to cover 5 pm U6-U8 games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact Manley if you are interested in doing any of these games.


Manley took U6-U8 referees for training.


Lindemann did training U9 and below.


City Tournament and Border Cup are coming up.


Kicks from the mark

1)      only players on the field can kick; tell ARs to prevent an illegal substitution. Two yellow cards is the sanction for such an illegal substitution, the one who left and the one entered. Have AR remind coach about the situation.

2)      players go to the center circle; referee may have to separate the teams

3)      coach must remain in the technical area when the kicks are being taken

4)      referee chooses the goal to be used; use common sense and look at what is best for the goalie and ask them

5)      coin toss determines who shoots first; the winner shoots first

6)      list of five shooters for each team must be provided

7)      one AR beside goal the other in center circle

8)      other goalie is outside the eighteen

9)      after everyone has kicked you alternate

10)  goalie can be replaced by a player on the field; in case of injury he can be replaced from the bench; order of shooters does not change

11)  cards may be given

12)  reduce to equate; if you finish with a greater number, you must reduce to the lower number; names must be provided; includes injuries and red cards; this is the captain’s responsibility; reduce to equate is not mandatory DURING the kicks

13)  kicker cannot be substituted in kicks form the mark as he can in regular penalty kick


Jose covered what a kicker from the mark can do regarding feinting. Feinting is defined as moving the entire body and moving directly to the ball. Once at the ball he cannot pass the circumference of the ball with kicking foot or plant foot. Kick must be retaken. A second time results in a yellow. A red card is a no goal.


AR’s job is whatever the center assigns him. If goalie encroaches twice stick up two finger and loudly say “this is the second time.”



Thad Taylor had his referee bag stolen, if anyone tries to sell you used referee shirts let him know. Noel Sisneros donated the shirt he won at a previous meeting to Taylor.



West of the Pecos may happen; if interested in games contact Diosdado.


Tom Duttle moved to adjourn, and Allan Jackson seconded. The meeting adjourned at 20:30.



Rick Hendricks, Secretary

March 25, 2003