Las Cruces Soccer Referees Association

Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Rm. 200

Date            3/10/04


Call To Order at 7:10 pm hours

Approval of previous months minutes             Motioned                                  Second

Treasure Report            Submitted By    Lisa Wilman


Checking & Savings             5,802.11                      Income  HNSL              $8,285.00

Accounts Receivable           5,892.00                      Interest                              $11.94

                                                                                    Total Income          $8,296.94

                                                                                    Total Assets           11,694.11

Liabilities & Equity                           Expense

            Annual corporate                       $30.00


Office Supplies                            $222.80

            Accounts Payable                      5,755.00                                 

Referees                                  $7,676.00

            Total Liabilities                           5,755.00                                 

Scheduling                                  $390.00

            Equity                                       6,171.12                                 

Shirts/Prizes                                $68.15

            Net Income                                 -232.01                        

Training                                         $0.00

            Total Liabilities & Equity           11,694.11                                

Treasurer                                   $142.00

            Balance                                        $0.00   

Total Expanse                                     $8,528.95

                        Net Income                    -$232.01


HNSL Report                Nothing


MVLS Report               Rich Richens-- MVSL will sponsor a Grade 9 upgrade/ grade 8 clinic.  If held in May, cost will be $5.00, if held in August it will be $35.00.


Assignor Report           Andy Bristol--- Not everyone will get a game each weekend.  Talk to Andy if you want U6-U8 games.  Make sure all game reports have the player names on it.


SDR  Remarks              Gary Manley--2005 registration deadline without penalty is 8/25/2004. There may be a adult league forming in Vado.


Assessors Remarks      Robert Gage---Assessors are not to be confused mentors.  Contact Robert for formal or informal assessment.


High school Report     Tom Duttle--- Need refs over 18 and out of school.


Old Business


            By-Laws Committee                                Will report to BOD next month

            Scholarship Program                             No report

New Business



            Upcoming Tournaments             Robert Gage will be assigning for Border Cup that

will be played on April 10 and 11


            Topics for Instruction

            Instructor         Joint             Conflict resolution

            Rich  Richins


Drawing Winner            Marco Loya  wants long sleeve yellow

                        Aaron Homer wants flags.

Meeting Adjourned                      Time            8:25 PM