Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting

Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Rm. 200

Date: March 11, 2009

Call to Order at 7:00 p.m. by President Gina Gomez.

Approval of the Minutes for the General Meeting of February 11, 2009, was motioned by Chris Cooksey and second by Jose Briones.  Motion passed.

Treasure Report: Andrew Bristol reported for Gary Manley that the ending balance as of Jan 31, 2009 was $2,912.20.  Approval of the treasurer's report was motioned by Chris Cooksey and second by Jose Briones.  Motion passed.  HNSL did not get the checking account set up so we are paying from the LCSRA account.  Since the bank put a 5 day hold on the check from HNSL, please do not cash the checks until Friday. Checks will be distributed at the end of the meeting. Reimbursement for the new referee clinic will occur after you have done 4 youth games.  You need to submit a request for reimbursement from HNSL.  On the request put your name, game numbers, and your signature because this is an official form.  Please be neat.  Give the request to Gary and he will submit it to HNSL for payment.  Dues for membership in LCSRA are due tonight.

High Noon Soccer League Report: Rick Hendricks confirmed the problem with the bank setting up the account and the hold on the check for 5 days.  Striker Cup Tournament Director Linda Lara gave instructions on the rules for the tournament this coming weekend.

Mesilla Valley Soccer League Report: Bill Lindemann talked about problems with assistant referee's positioning on goal kicks and throw-ins.

State District Referee Administrator Remarks: Gary was not present.

Assessor: No remarks.

Youth Referee Information: No remarks.

High School Referee Report: No remarks.

Old Business: Nigel Holman reminded everyone of the Kevin Riedel Scholarship deadline at the end of the month.

New Business: None.

Training was conducted by Rick Hendricks and Jose Diosdado.  This is the first of five sessions for Recertification Training.   Topic was Player Management.

Meeting Adjourned: by Gina Gomez