Las Cruces Soccer Referee Assn. General Meeting

Location: Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200
Date: Mar. 10, 2010

Call to order by President Bill Lindemann
A motion to correct the February minutes was made by Gina Gomez and seconded by Cathy Short.  The motion was to change the recognition of Andy Bristol's years of service from 32 years to 22 years, as he so affirmed.

Treasurer report: Gary Manley gave the treasurer report stating that there is over $3600 in the checking account.

Bill recognized two new referees for the excellent work and appearance on the field.  Nicole Shoemaker and Jaime Espinoza were recognized and Nicole received a $10 gift card to Sonic.  Jaime will receive his when he attends the next meeting. Bill also sent a card around for everyone to sign to go to Monty Wellborn.  Monty, a long time active LCSRA referee, is in Sierra Hospital with an infection.

Rick Hendricks, a referee and past President of the HNSL, informed the group that the new president for High Noon Soccer League is Dr. Anton Milavec.  Rick will be moving to Santa Fe at the end of March.

Dominique Gbogbo thanked the referees for starting out doing a great job this Spring season for the Mesilla Valley Soccer League.  Bill Lindemann said he needed more referees to do centers on the men's open games.  Bill is working in the new referees on the adult games.

Gary Manley communicated what each referee should do about checking on game assignments, informing about conflicts, doing game reports and accepting game assignments.

Tom Duttle mentioned that the Striker Cup would be a good opportunity for assessment.  Those that need to have grade 6 and 7 maintenance assessments need to communicate that to Gary.  Get the assessments done early; don't wait until fall.

If a youth referee has a problem that needs attention, please see Patrick Montelongo, especially if your not comfortable going to an adult referee.

Under new business, Bill Lindemann covered Striker Cup Rules, Professionalism (attitude, dress, good signals, and verbal commands).  The Striker Cup rules are on the web page. He also passed out some free Velcro patches to be used to attach referee patch to shirt.  Example of what not to wear as a professional referee was demonstrated by Andrew Bristol. Rick Hendricks will be the referee coordinator for the Striker Cup.  His cell phone number is 650-3205. Games will be paid for in cash at the fields.

There was not enough time for training tonight.

Adjournment of the meeting at 8:20 PM.

Submitted by Andrew Bristol, Bill Lindemann, and Joe Fleming for Robert Gage/Secretary/LCSRA