Las Cruces Soccer Referee Assn. General Meeting

Location: Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200
Date: Mar. 9, 2011

Jose Briones called the meeting to order at 7:05PM. Joe Fleming moved to accept minutes, Doug Savard 2nd , motion passed.

No report from LCYSA.

MVSL report. Bill Lindemann stressed the need for referees for the adult league games.
Dominic Gbogbo stated that games at Magg and Burn will remain until April when we will get High Noon Fields 6 & 7 back.

Assessor’s report (Tom Duttle) – Good job last weekend. Referees need to be color coordinated. Stated that referees should not engage parents!

No Youth report.

Treasury report was given by Gary Manley. $2967.27 in Checking, $4840.54 in the CD. Total of $7807.81 Gary Manley stated that 2 referees were no shows last weekend, but most did well. Everyone must confirm their games with game numbers in a timely manner and remember to add your name to message if texting. Game Reports must be submitted within 48 hours of game completion.

Old Business – Robert Gage stated that the nets at Burn are not very good.
Jose Briones explained where the Legends fields are located.

New Business – Border Cup coming up.

Training (Nigel Holman) – Discussed the goals we submitted last month.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00PM.