Las Cruces Soccer Referee Assn. Board and General Meeting

Location: Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200

Board Meeting March 14, 2012
1. Field Coordinator/Mentor Program
2. The High Noon league is going to pay for a person to mentor at Burn Lake, PVD, Legends, High Noon. Prepare a job description for the Mentor.
3. Adopt a policy and recruit for a mentor
    Make a proposal for a pay raise with High Noon and MVSL. Making it where the referee’s with make themselves better improvement
4. Table: the Referee Logo
5. Scholarship: No one has applied for the scholarship.
6. USSF Youth Referee of the Year. Armando Torres seems to be a good candidate.
7. Collection of Pay Dues.
8. Incident Report that the High Noon is using. Off the agenda
9. By-Laws revision Jean McKeever will go over the By-Laws Tabled
10. Budget Revision - $450 in travel for improvement of referee’s to attend tournaments out-of-town.
11. Motion to adopt the budget Jean first motion and Tom seconded.

Meeting Adjourned

Regular Meeting
March 14, 2012
7:06 Meeting called to order
1. Copies of the Minutes were sent out today. Motion to adopt, January 11, Jose Briones and Jean second. Motion passed. February 8 Jean and Jose seconded. All passed. Motion for Funding of the Scholarship of $500. All in favor the motion all passed. Adopting the correction with February minutes.
2. Report: $3280.02 CD similar amount. Membership dues are due. Raffle will be available for just members who have paid.
3. Pete Ryan was introduced to us as a State Referee that was here years back. Tom Scott’s Mentor.
4. Open Games were covered for Saturday.
5. HNSL: 3v3 Live Tourney Aril 1st benefiting Aggies. Legends west is HN-16. Was an incident with an official. League has approved a Field Mentor. Reports are only to be used in Arbiter. Referee assault was in affect this past weekend.
6. State District Rep: Tom Duttle, Loss of Referees and assignors went from 1000 to 600. We need to deal with Coaches and Parents that are problematic, Tom needs to hear about it within 48 hours.
    Two reports were sent up to ABQ and he will send another one tonight.
7. Nigel Holman: On a project in India helping out with people who have polio. With a minimal cost, this would change so many lives.
8. Robert Gage: Youth League has approved to pay for a League Mentor. Robert will contact the senior referees to help out with this program. Would like to nominate a youth for Referee of the Year.
9. Lisa is recognizing Armando Torres
10. Kevin Rediel Scholarship is due at the end of this month.
11. Training: Tom Duttle on Arbiter
12. Door Prize Juan Castillo