Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association

March 11, 2015
Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200

General Meeting

7:05 Meeting brought to order by President Andrew Bristol

1. Approval for the February Minutes: Pat Switzer moved to approve, Timothy Pitts second, Motion passed
2. Treasurer not present - no report.
3. New Referees present (2) were welcomed.  They were informed that mentoring reports were coming soon.
4. Attending six training sessions will now substitute for the recertification clinic.  That will save $10 clinic fee.
5. A process of updating membership requirement has started.  Training will be a major factor.  Active membership will be required to continue self-assigning of LCYSL games.
6. The LCYSL Zero Tolerance Policy is changing. It will be online at the LCYSL web site. You will be notified when this happens.
7. The substitution rule for LCYSL was changed last night at the LCYSL board meeting. It will be posted and should say that there will be unlimited substitution at any stoppage and at the referees discretion.
8. Training: Nigel Holman, Ask, Tell, Dismiss

Meeting Adjourned
At 8:05
Andrew Bristol, President