May 8, 2002


Board members present


B. Lindemann

R. Gage

M. Wellborn

G. Manley

J. Diosdado


1.Robert Gage called the meeting to order at 18:10 hours


2 Discussion to part on a Referee who failed to turn in Game reports.  I t was suggested that the assistant Referees assign to those games get paid for doing them and that the association hold back the part to be paid to the referee if Jose could find out who those assistants assign to those games in question. As part of the discussion of the board is what to do with late game being filed late by referee. The thought was to the reports needed to be filed with 5 days after game work. No thoughts on what to do when they are filed late.


3. Robert reported on the request form High Noon Soccer League about the use of the building at High Noon Soccer Complex. It was decide to let the league have use of it for storage of nets for the fields. The only thing being used right now is the restrooms.


4. It was brought up to the board that the treasurers had overpay some of the referees in the April pay period, which was the month of March time period.


5. Gary Manley brought up the subject of referees only doing adult games.  Were some of the High Noon Soccer League pays the training as part of the game fees. ­­­­Note there is several referees that are doing only adult league games and not youth league games


6. Bill Lindemann talks about the referees going to do regional games and the reimbursement of these referees. The board will bring this up in a later meeting. The referees going form Las Cruces, Robert Gage, Jose and Dominic Diosdado, Bill Lindemann, Tom Duttle.


7. Wanted to see if we wanted a picnic in June or regular meeting it will be brought up before the general membership.


Meeting adjourned at 18:55 hours



Monty L. Wellborn

Secretary Las Cruces Referee Association

May 28, 2002


Regular Membership Meeting of the Las Cruces Referee Association

                        May 8, 2002


Meeting called to order by Robert Gage at 1905 hours.

  1. After some Discussion there was a motion by B. Lindemann and second by A. Porter to accept the April minutes as they were posted in the web page. Motion passed.
  2. Gary Manley gave the training on offside because there had been some problems with the Asst. referees when they were doing some games. Robert Gage and Jose all talk about what made up a good referee according to what the assessors were looking at. Examples; clean-shaven, on time, fit or in shape, knowledge of the Laws of the game, proper uniform, good attitude towards the team and players, a team player.
  3. Treasurer report Jose Diosdado there was about $1,000.00 in account after payments to the referees. He all so hand out some paperwork that showed how much was paid to the each referee for the spring season.
  4. Old business none
  5. Reports


    1. DRA Gary Manley thanks everybody that work the last two weekends for the state tournaments.
    2. Gina Martinez (G. Deleon) mention the league may increase the pay by $1.00
    3. HNSL Robert report the league will start using the building out at High Noon Soccer Complex for storage.
    4. Scheduler report Kevin Riedel during the city cup a lot of games were missed because of schedules being changed and the schedules were not check by referees.  Reminder there is a $10 fine for not showing up for a schedule game you are assign to. If you miss a game for a good reason you must notified Kevin about why you missed the game if not a good reason you will be fined for missing the game.
    5. Director of Development Bill Lindemann no report
    6. Director of Assessment Nigel Holman no report
    7. Judiciary committee Joe Fleming no report
    8. New Referee clinic will be in August will run on same format as the spring clinic.  Dates will be given later on.
    9. No other reports were given


New Business

  1. Thank Rich Richins for his hard work on the electronic game reports
  2. A picnic is plan for Junes meeting Rick Hendricks, Paul Smith and James Dawson was name to a committee for the purpose of planning a picnic for the association.  Contact one of the above people for the dates.
  3. Late filing of game reports by referees, it was suggested that the game reports needed to be file with in 5 days of the game.
  4. Bill talk about ordering shirts like the association did last year Andy Bristol will do the ordering. We need about fifteen people to make it worth the while.
  5. Terry Dean was the winner of the door prize
  6. Motion to adjourned, meeting adjourned at 20:40hours



Monty Wellborn

Secretary LCSRA