Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association Board Meeting May 14, 2003



Room Las Cruces High School, B Wing, Room 12.

BOD members present were Gina Martinez, Bill Lindemann, Gary Manley, Rick Hendricks, Andy Bristol, Jose Diosdado



President Gina Martinez called the meeting to order at 1840 hours.

There was general discussion of the contract with High Noon. Gary will inform the state office that we want to have a Grade 9 clinic on August 23.

General discussion on 3v3 tournament.




Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting May 14, 2003


Room Las Cruces High School, B Wing, Room 12



President Martinez called the meeting to order at 1910 hours.


A motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting (April 9, 2003) was made by Manley and seconded by Monty Wellborn. The motion passed on a voice vote.


Hendricks assigned job of sending out a reminder of monthly meetings.



Diosdado delivered the treasurer’s report


Starting income                                                      $4884.84


Payment to referees                                                               $  -  60.00


Flowers for James Sherk’s family                              $  -  42.59


NM License for non-profit org.                                  $  -  10.00


Total                                                                                   $4772.25


Income from City Tournament (92 games)                       $   138.00



Income from City Tournament (134 games)                     $   201.00


Total available in the bank                                                    $5111.25


Manley and Lindemann moved and seconded acceptance of report.


Martin Carrillo said that on May 27 the summer season will begin. There will be 5v5, mens’ open, over thirty women, and maybe over forty games.  There should be more teams. There will be a three-week period when the fields will not be used. All games will be evenings.


Monty Wellborn reported on repair to field 1.


Tom Duttle delivered training, covering foul recognition, what determines a caution, and what determines sending off.

1)      point of contact of foul; where on the body

2)      direction of contact

a)      from behind

b)     from the side

c)      from the front

3)      time contact is made

a)      before ball arrives

b)     as ball arrives

c)      after ball leaves

4)      severity of contact

5)      outcome of foul


Diosdado reported that we should be allowing an accumulation of three fouls, counting them, and giving caution on fourth foul. In pre-game discuss how to keep track of fouls with ARs.


Duttle reminded us that the goalie is allowed to protect himself but not intimidate or try to hurt the opponent.


Robert Gage reported on a forward who would bump the goalie every time he lost the ball to the goalie. Apparently the goalie elbowed the forward in the mouth, and Gage warned the goalie. Diosdado and Manny Chavez said that Gage should have dealt with the forward before the goalie retaliated. Remember to protect the goalie.


Manley stated that those who are upgrading need to undergo a physical this summer.


Diosdado moved to adjourn and Duttle seconded.


Vendula Strnadnova won the door prize.