Las Cruces Soccer Referees Association

Board of Directors Meeting


Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Rm. 200                                  Date: May 12, 2004


Call To Order at 6:00 pm hours


Allan Jackson: There will be a grade 8 upgrade clinic held in Aug. either on the 7th or the 21st. State will hold there annual clinic on Aug. 14th.


Lisa Willman: Offered to organize referee party. Recommend change of Banks because Bank of America will start charging.  Also that she has many checks that won't be used.


Robert Gage: Reported on ref abuse details that he was called to for the HNSL - judiciary committee.



Rich Hendricks (President of High Noon Soccer League) - Reported that HNSL will begin a zero tolerance rule.


Joe Fleming: Mentioned that we should talk at the general meeting about how we want to report injuries.  Rich will cover it in the training.



Old Business

Topics - Upcoming Tournaments - 3V3 May 22,23 America Cup May 22, 23, Sandia Cup May 29,30,31

New Business

Topics None


Motions - Lisa Willman -- Motioned to change banks and shift over all accounts and CD's, as soon as she could find a bank that fit the LCSRA needs.  Ayes = 5 and Nays = 0.  Motion Passed.


Meeting Adjourned 7:00 PM