Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General and Board Meetings
November 9, 2011

Board Meeting

President Briones called meeting to order at 6:30PM.
Treasurer Gary Manley requested authorization to purchase Quick Books 2012. Members present were a little skeptical about the need at first but decided it is a needed tool for our Treasurer. $175.00 was suggested as a max by Gary Manley. Ray Burchfield motioned and Lisa Willman 2nd, motion passed.

Lisa Willman, VP of LCSRA asked for the LCSRA to appropriate money for a contribution to the Kevin Riedel Scholarship fund. Concern was voiced about how the money would be used and whether the funds should go to the actual award to be given out or to the endowment. Lisa suggested an amount of $700.00. Gary Manley motioned in favor, Lisa Willman 2nd, motion passed.

President Briones asked who wants to re-run for their board positions. Lisa Willman said she would run for president and the secretary Raymond Burchfield said he would run again for same. Agreed to discuss further during general meeting.

General Meeting

Jose Briones called the meeting to order at 7:03PM. Minutes have been posted for June, September, and October, 2011. Ray Burchfield motioned to accept, Lisa Willman 2nd, motion passed.

Treasury Report: Gary Manley reported the following as of 11/09/2011:
Checking account: $3,357.92
CD: $4,840.54
Dues for 2011 are due.

No League Report

MVSL: Dominic reported that the Men's divisions are in the playoff stage now, with the finals on Sunday and suggested coming out to enjoy the games and hopefully watch and learn from the refereeing. He also said that after 10 minutes have expired post game time that the game should be terminated if at least 1 team has an insufficient number of players to field a team. Referees need to be consistent on this.

High School Report: Robert Gage reported that the new leader will be Dominic Diosdado. The assignor will remain, Gina Gomez.

Assessors Remarks: Tom Duttle explained the need for referees to keep player pass-cards at ALL levels of play during the match. We all need to be consistent on this. We need to enforce ALL rules.
Tom Duttle then asked when the members would like to have a recertification clinic.
We settled on the following: Saturday, November 19, 2011 from 8AM-12PM and for the 2nd clinic, Sunday December 4, 2011 from 1-5PM. Both clinics will be at Gerald Thomas Hall.

President Briones stated that Bill Lindemann will head the Board nomination committee this year.

New Business: Lisa Willman gave details about the Kevin Riedel Scholarship to the members present and talked about how to apply for it.

Cathy Short stated that the Copa Del Rey tournament is coming up and Gina Gomez will be the assignor.

Bill Lindemann suggested that we consider stopping the association dues next year. He feels that money collected is not being spent and not benefiting the membership.

Robert Gage stated that the High School Tournament will be using communication devices between the 4 referees for each game. He said 1 set costs about $1,000 and that the State may have a subsidy that could offset some of the cost and that maybe the LCSRA should consider purchasing 1 set. Nigel Holman had some positive remarks on this as well.

No Training

Checks distributed and meeting adjourned at 7:40PM

Minutes by Submitted by Raymond Burchfield
Secretary, LCSRA