Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General and Board Meetings
November 14, 2012

Board Meeting

Minutes for Board meeting on 11/14/2012
Called to order at 6:07pm by VP Chizek. Members present are Malynda Chizek, Jean McKeever, Robert Gage, Matt Horst, Tom Duttle, and Raymond Burchfield.

Ray B. motion to accept minutes for July, August, & October, 2012 Board meetings,
Jean M. 2nd. Motion passed.

Treasury report: Jean M. reported that the CD will mature soon, (it matures every 6 months).
Ray B. motion to re-up CD, Malynda 2nd, motion passed.
Checking balance is $3,330.14. No change.

By-Laws revision: The board members discussed each proposed change in detail and made final corrections/changes. Ray B. moved to accept revisions to By-Laws of the LCSRA, Malynda 2nd, motion passed.

Nomination Committee-Bill Lindemann is looking for nominations for board positions for next year.

Old Business: none
New Business: Shelters for referees at the fields. Bill L. will look into it.
There was a discussion on the payment of dues.

Adjourned at 6:54pm

Submitted by Raymond Burchfield, Secretary, LCSRA
General Meeting

Minutes for General meeting on 11/14/2012
Called to order at 6:07pm by VP Chizek.

Motion to accept the minutes from the General meetings of July, August, and October by Jose B., Ray B. 2nd. Motion passed.

Treasury report: Jean McKeever reported that the balance on the LCSRA checking account is $3,330.14. The CD will be re-invested in the same manner.

No Youth report.

MVSL: Bill L. stated that Dominic G. has checks and that the league needs more referees.

State Referee: Tom D. reported that there is a upcoming tournament in Albuquerque, and that the Copa del Rey is scheduled for the end of November. There will be a “bridge” clinic for Grade 9 referees to upgrade to grade 8 in January.

No Youth mentoring report.

By-Laws Revision: The board has adopted the revisions and will report next month.

Nomination Committee: Bill L. reports that he presently has the following nominations:
• President - Raymond B.
• Vice President – Andy Bristol
• Director of Development – Gary Manley
• Youth Referee Rep – Matt Horst

Recert clinic on November 17 from 8-12 noon at Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200.
Tom D. also added that referees need to be very careful with their language on or near the fields.

Training: Bill L. talked about player shoes and requirements. They just need to be safe. He also discussed Penalty Kick procedures for Referees. Appropriate dress for referees, and AR procedures for corner kicks and on goal line judging.

Adjourned at 7:55pm

Checks were then distributed.

Submitted by Raymond Burchfield, Secretary, LCSRA