President Lindemann called the meeting to order at 7PM.Jose Briones moved and Gina Gomez seconded the motion to approve the minutes from the Sept. meeting as posted to the LCSRA web page, and the motion carried.


Gary Manley submitted the treasurerís report stating there was $3,534.80 in the account as of 9-30-10.Gary also serves as the youth league assignor and asked referees to please double check the assignments as late as Friday prior to Sat., due to necessary changes that are sometimes made as late as Friday.


President Lindemann recognized several referees for their officiating efforts this past month.Some of those were Jose Gallardo, Dominic Gbogbo, Amber Medina, Nathan Thompson, Pat Montelongo, Jesus Soto, Marcus Montoya, Daniel Rayos, Summer Apodoca, Mathew Zertuche, Emmanuel Magana, and Jaime Robles.


There was discussion concerning the The Whole Enchilada Tournament and referees that worked these games.There will be a fall certification clinic for adults only hoping to gain additional referees for the fall season.Announcements will be made when those dates get confirmation.


No report from MVSL.

Gary Manley also stated that a re-certification clinic will be sometime in Nov. and that the fee for grade 8 will be $45.00.If referees have not paid their membership dues this will be added to the fee.


Tom Duttle spoke as assessor relating referee mistakes that he noticed during the TWET that need to be improved on.

Robert Gage reminded those in attendance that a high school meeting would take place immediately following the regular meeting.


Under new business, President Lindemann asked for volunteers to serve on the nominating committee.Dominic Gbogbo will serve as the chairman of the group including Robert Gage and Andy Gallardo.


Tom Duttle provided training focusing on foul recognition.He also reminded the group that slide tackling is not allowed for all games U08.Do not card these players but ask the coach to deal with the player and possibly substitute that player out while giving instructions.Tom also pointed out that some officials were using improper hand signals as an assistant referee.They should be using proper USSF signals with the referee flag.We also discussed the proper restart for indirect free kicks when fouls occur inside the goal box or inside the penalty area.


The meeting was adjourned at 8PM.