Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association Board Meeting October 9, 2002



Room Las Cruces High School, B Wing, Room 12.

Present were Robert Gage, Kevin Riedel, Bill Lindemann, Rick Hendricks, Andy Bristol and Jose Diosdado



President Robert Gage called the meeting to order at 1820 hours.


Gage went over a recent e-mail from Dan Lilley


1) Pay is two dollars over the age limit for center


2) Out of town refs are reimbursed by Lilley if they are just coming to work the tournament


3 ) Diosdado and Gage are bringing food to High Noon; Gage is working on other food: four six foot subs and some pizzas.


4) High Noon has provided $400 for food


Riedel will be field coordinator at Burn Lake


Gary Manley will be field coordinator at High Noon with an unnamed assistant



Gage suggested that LCSA Treasurer needs to be a paid position

            Lindemann suggested per game fee to be paid out of administrative fee

            Diosdado suggested 50 cents per game

Riedel so moved and subsequently amended his motion to make the pay retroactive to beginning of fall 2002; Bristol seconded; and motion passed  on voice vote


Hendricks reported on Lilley’s resignation as High Noon tournament director and Rich Richin’s resignation as High Noon scheduler.


Lindemann will get water and ice for TWET for High Noon and suggested we purchase another water jug. Hendricks will buy one and take to Burn Lake filled with ice and water.


General discussion was held about the fact that Martin Carrillo was attacked at a recent adult game and has not come forward to file a complaint.




Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting October 9, 2002



Room Las Cruces High School, B Wing, Room 12



President Robert Gage called the meeting to order at 1912 hours.


Gage indicated that TWET schedule is posted on web

            1) Rules on High Noon web site

2) First games: be sure fans and coaches are on separate sides; pay attention to game management issues

3) Field coordinators in referee areas: Riedel at Burn Lake

4) There will be bagels in morning; lunch at 11 AM will consist of subs and pizza; bananas and snacks will be on hand

            4) Referees are reminded that it requires flexibility to do a tournament of this size

5) LCSRA wants to impress visiting teams that we know what we are doing; go to field as a team; wear matching shirts; be in proper attire

            6) Pay is two dollars over age limit for centers

            7) Center must turn in report before ARs are paid

8) Reports on new pay system for treasurer


Treasurer Diosdado made the financial report on records of games done and reporting for IRS; Lisa Willman is promptly sending checks to pay for games. TWET funds from High Noon include $750 for administrative fee, $100 for changes to schedule, $ 400 for food, and $500 referee field coordinators.


$1,622 in income less pay to Reidel

$6,922 from HN

$1,750 TWET

Total: $10,294.72


$6,422 to refs

$2,122 less pay to Kevin


Diosdado discussed missing game reports and distributed a list of game numbers for which reports are missing.


Gage reported on the fact that LCSRA is switching to a new, simplified electronic game report that will be available on our website.


Director of Development


Director of Development Lindemann administered the 2003 USSF recertification test, which was then graded as a training session.



Rick Hendricks, Secretary

November 4, 2002