Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting

Location: NMSU Gerald Thomas Rm. 336

Date: October 11, 2006

Call to Order at 7:03 p.m._

No Approval of the Minutes for the General Meeting of September, 2006, was made.

Treasure Report was submitted by Gary Manley. Gary requires a written authorization in order for a referee to pick up another referee’s check. Also, be sure to reconcile your check stub with the number of games done. Any problems, e-mail Gary.

High Noon Soccer League Report: - Rick Hendricks.

Mesilla Valley Soccer League Report: - No one responded.

Assignor - Andy Bristol requires that contracts be signed by all referees. Everyone please review schedule for TWET; 243 games were scheduled. Rules for the tournament were reviewed by Pat Switzer; check in teams, stay on time and zero tolerance. Water and food will be provided for lunch.

State District Referee Administrator Remarks- Gary Manley reported that in the next month a 5 hour Rules clinic will be scheduled. Will probably be scheduled on a Sunday in November and December. Physicals will be scheduled upon request.

Assessors Remarks: Monty Wellborn reported Assessors will be here from Albuquerque during the tournament.

High School Referee Report: High School meeting to be held afer General Meeting.

Old Business: Re-Certification Fee is $25.00 for Grade 9 and $30.00 for Grade 8 and 7.

Training: Referees were split up for training purposes. Training conducted by Pat re lightening/thunder. If you hear thunder stop the game and get teams off the field. Report what time the game was abandoned if not resumed. Game can start 30 min after hearing last thunder. Enforce Zero Tolerance Policy.

Drawing: Winner was (Flags)

Meeting Adjourned: Motioned by President and second by Gloria Marquez.