Las Cruces Soccer Referee Association General Meeting

Minutes for General meeting on 10/14/2015
Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200

Meeting called to order at 7:02PM; by Andrew Bristol

Approval of September 2015 minutes (There are no minutes for the August meeting): motion by Pat Switzer and 2nd by Jose Briones

Treasurerís Report (Jean McKeever): No report

LCYSL Report: The Whole Enchilada Tournament discussion centered on the U12 and up games being blocked from self scheduling because El Paso and Juarez referees have been assigned to those games.  U6 - U10 are available and most have been taken.  LCSRA can not call for a boycott because we are not a union and each referee is separately contracted with LCYSL.  This situation could have been avoided if there was better communication between LCSRA and LCYSL.

MVSL Report: Bill Lindemann reported that the games on Sunday have all been cancelled except for one, due to the Whole Enchilada Tournament using the High Noon fields. He also pointed out that in the Ethics clause in the Referee Handbook a referee can be suspended when actions as a player or spectator incite others against the referees' calls.  If you see this happening, it is your responsibility to report such to the appropriate league.

State District Report: Tom Duttle expounded on situations that put the referees into a "bad light."  1. Do not start your clock on a game until kick off.  If the team(s) are not ready at 10 minutes after game time for adults and 15 minutes for youth, do not do the game.  2. DO NOT initiate touching of anyone, coach, parent or player.  That does not mean you can not use hands to block someone's approach.  3. Keep non-carded people on opposite side of field from players and coaches.  Be very careful checking player cards for proper type of card, signature of registrar, age and photo.

Assessor Remarks:  Dominique Gbogbo said that there are no assessment or mentoring being done at present since all are too busy with High School games.

Youth Referee Representative:  Zane Chaffee not present

High School: (Tim Pitts) High School meeting after LCSRA meeting.

Training: Nigel Holman - Pregame instructions; At you can find the notes of Gil Weber on Pregame instructions.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 pm.
Respectfully, Andrew Bristol, President